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  1. steven

    Sling Wanted

    Try http://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/Slings.html or http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/slings-c-9.html?osCsid=31qt00hu7iipgpk5tkk60lf6f2
  2. steven

    Issf Wind Flag Ribbon

    That's hillarious. Have you found any green, white and gold fabric too?
  3. steven

    Fwb 300S With L/h Stock

    Oh I'm no expert. Just seems a lot to pay for a vintage rifle.
  4. steven

    Viewing On An iPhone

    Used it a few times today and it looks to be a tidy little app. Well organised and, as Bruce says, significantly quicker than accessing the site through Safari or Opera.
  5. steven

    Fwb 300S With L/h Stock

    You got 225 quid for that? Wow, well done.
  6. steven

    New Site Logo

    Thats really good. Top marks, Emma.
  7. steven

    Anschutz 6226 And 4751 Handstops For Sale.

    Hi Vic. Do you know whether either of these will fit a Feinwerkbau rail? Cheers Steve.
  8. steven

    Rpa Quadlite .308 In Hps Gemini Stock

    There's something you don't see very often: a conversion from fullbore to the noble arts of air. I'm glad you have seen the light, my child. Go forth and spread the word.
  9. steven

    Good 3p Rifle Required.

    .............unless you're parking.
  10. steven

    Shooting Frames

    Have a look on ebay. With a bit of digging, reasonably priced sets can usually be found.
  11. steven


    Hi My club's looking to buy a few free rifle butt plates. Does anyone know of second hand ones for sale? Cheers Steven
  12. steven

    Free Rifle Stocks

    We've had a couple of breakages in the club and we're looking for a few replacement Free Rifle stocks. Does anyone have any spares that they'd be prepared to sell? Cheers Steven