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  1. Monard proliner glove in size LARGE worn only a few times doesn’t suit me. £70 new sell £40 including postage.
  2. For sale Anschutz match 54 in good condition still shooting very well and accurate in original super match style stock with butt hook bipod and case will come with standard rear and front sight with metal elements new sling new glove ammunition box new ear defenders. Has some small markings on stock as in photos but for age very good condition. Looking for £500 including rfd to your local rfd.
  3. Hi what score are you managing to average with this rifle?
  4. Hi looking for your advice wanting to buy Walther like the kk300 as it’s light I suffer with carpal problem in hand so light is good See you have had kk300 Alutech and kk500 which would you say feels lighter in hand? 

    1. Raven


      I really like the KK300, its the one I always go back too.

      It really comes down to personal taste and if you are looking new or secondhand also

      New, you can have a lighter barrel over the standard one on either KK300 or KK500, were trying to find one second hand might be a big ask

      Personally either is a great gun , I found the KK300 a little lighter and I did shoot much mote consistently with it

      If you are going new speak with Sam@intershoot



    2. Jonathan


      Brilliant thank you. 

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