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  1. Pippin89

    CZ452 Magazine

    Hi All. I'm after 10 shot and 5 shot magazines for a CZ 452 in .22LR if anyone has them going spare. I don't mind steel or plastic.
  2. Have you checked out Mik at Dolphin Gun Company? Probably a tad over your budget but worth a chat to see what he can do. It is my plan to get a custom build from him when I have shot out my current rifle. https://www.dolphinguncompany.co.uk/
  3. You know what? That is absolutely spot on for what I was thinking of. And at a price that I was hoping for but thinking would be way under what I needed. Thank you very much, I have ordered one.
  4. Hi All. I have a home built Fullbore target rifle which is cheap and cheerful. I don't shoot much fullbore at the moment so I don't need anything else. However, I would like to put a slightly better butt plate on it. At the moment it is just a flat slab and is far from consistent (although it is length adjustable). Does anyone have a cheap butt plate that has, as a minimum, some curved fitment, and possibly with some adjustability for cast/cant/height. I will be cutting it up and attaching it to my existing stock so I don't want anything too fancy!
  5. Pippin89

    RPA Trakker

    There is one listed in the for sale section...
  6. Please could you send me pictures and prices of the jackets?
  7. I'm no expert and I'm sure someone will correct me if I am wrong... but 40x seems powerful for 50m.
  8. Pippin89

    7.62 TR.

    Keep an eye on Holts auctions too. I just missed out on an RPA Quadlock on there a year or so ago. It was a sealed bid and it went for £600. Even with a new barrel that works out very cheap. I bid £550 so just missed out. Kicking myself I didn't go a little higher.
  9. I was trying for the cleanest approach possible and using the swivel stud that is already present seemed like the best idea. But to be honest I could use the screw locations from the swivel studs to attach something. I will have a play and see what I come up with.
  10. That is an Anschutz style one so would not work with a swivel stud attachement.
  11. Hi, nothing is broken. I have a fullbore TR rifle that has a swivel stud attachment on the front not an Anschutz style rail. I would like to put a small lightweight bipod on it for cleaning, and general resting of the rifle during shoots. The trouble is, all bipods with swivel stud attachments are big heavy duty ones designed to be shot from and all the ones of the type I am looking for are Anschutz rail attachments. So I am hoping someone has a broken one of these Swivel stud bipods that I can cut the mating swivel stud part from to make a smaller, lighter bipod from. I can't find anywhere to buy these separately.
  12. Hi All I am in need of a swivel stud attachment (the part found on a bipod or other equipment, not the part that attaches to the gun) and can't seem to buy them separately. Does anyone have a broken or unwanted swivel stud bipod or other piece of equipment that they don't mind me cutting up for the part I need?
  13. No immediate hurry... Not shooting right now obviously. haha. Ah... makes sense!
  14. Hi all Does anyone have one of these they don't need or know where I can get one? Edinkillie have one by Lowey but only for left hand bolts for some reason...
  15. Keep an eye on Holts Auctions. One came up on there a few months back. Went for £600 in a sealed bid auction. I was particularly annoyed as I bid £550.
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