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  1. I am not sure on present day arrangements as organised by NRA. However a few years ago when I enquired the problem was obtaining a site on which to place the caravan. NRA were facilitating the sale of used vans but a long waiting list for a site. Ofcourse all things may have changed in recent times. Best of luck in your pursuits. Joe
  2. The previous post is correct as the ball handle has a female thread. However for the Freeland stand the rods were supplied in various lengths (3 in total) so that the then "new" form of shooting i.e. 3P, could be accommodated, at differing heights. The rod shown in the photograph is I think the extension piece that increased the height of the scope from the prone to kneeling position. As there would be an exposed thread at the bottom of the rod clamped to the stand then there was a threaded knurled cap that screwed into the the rod. On the base of the ball handle it proclaims that it is made in the USA Chicago Daka-Ware. Hope this helps. Joe
  3. It is an RJ45. Suggest you speak with Dr Google that will give you the necessary information.
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