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  1. Would you split the “lot” please? Interested in M22 0.3 eagle eye, M22 shade & sight tube sun shade. Ta!
  2. Did you get anywhere? There is a TR guy (Simon Shouler) who sells a lightweight stand - quite a few TR shooters have bought one - not cheap though! Clearview Scopes and Stands Nottingham East Midlands Tel. 07943 881665 E-Mail: simonshouler@hotmail.com Business hours: Target Shooting and Birding Specialist Open: Mon-Fri: 8.00-5:30pm Sat: 9:00-5:00pm Sunday- Closed
  3. Yes please to rear iris if available.
  4. I'm also a very happy 10.9 customer.....😃 Go on - treat her! 😉 Truttmann near Zurich have (I think) a limited range of s/h jackets that can be fitted / have new elbow material very quickly. They used to offer a same day "buy new" facility, but that might need the previous evening as a night stop in order to get there first thing in the morning (they open at 0800 hrs), & it's about a one hr drive from ZRH airport. Fultons?
  5. Oh, really? In that case, yes please - will give it a whirl (subject to it fitting of course! 😉 ); please PM payment options & I will action accordingly.
  6. Ah, I think in that case, due to the potential issue with the foresight, I will have to step down! Thanks for all the extra information.
  7. Just to double-check please - what is the measurement on the flat part of the dovetail? Mine is 10mm. Thanks!
  8. Let me check my sights to see what size they are - first refusal if possible please pending my measurements. 😉
  9. Ah!! Hopefully that hasn't dropped me in it.....☠️
  10. Just for fun, I've messaged Derbyshire Firearms via the on-line contact form, suggesting that they move to "7.62mmx51/.308WIN" 😉
  11. I could understand that for a more "exotic" version of 7.62mm, but not in this case. They need to be educated about what is different & what is the same - maybe a Club Sec or County Sec can get in touch with them?
  12. Very strange - my authority (Cambs) & quite a few others I have seen on different FACs have the generic 7.62mmx51/.308 which covers all the legal requirements. I have seen once "7.62mmx51/.308WIN" (which is the same of course). If you wanted to play with some versions of a Mosin Nagent, they use 7.62mmx54R...... or, 7.62mmx53R for Finnish versions! 😉 Different categories for your FAC / variation.
  13. Holt - yep, but timescale / availability / travel options not always ideal (one month to collect after auction of have dispatched to RFD). Note the Buyer’s Premium of 25% (& VAT of course). Whilst difficult to compare guide prices versus achieved prices (as no general tgt rifles in their last auction), a lot of the "popular" firearms sales went quite a way over the guide price. If you fork out £1000 on Holts, plus their Buyer's Premium + VAT, then other options (if available of course) could well be cheaper. This one on Guntrader has a 'scope (flog it off to buy the TR rear sights) & a shorter than ideal barrel. New barrel = about £900 so worth looking at. Gunstar option Very basic P14 (not the best action, but useable) on Gunwatch, cheap & cheerful. Reasonable Musgrave (but harder to get spares for them) here.
  14. Looking out on behalf of a club member for a reasonable TR 'scope stand please - Ewing style or similar model would be great - to match with an existing KOWA TSN-1 'scope.
  15. You missed out by a couple of weeks on a very, very reasonably priced Swing! Look on Gunstar, Guntrader or similar, TRs come up every now & then; 7.62 / 308 = the same thing as far as TR is concerned. Got a variation yet in your FAC? Might take a while depending on your local Police authority. Fultons of Bisley have some secondhand stock - this one looks reasonable- but you will always pay a bit extra from Fultons. Useful though if you need quick adjustments/ tweaks. To get a good rifle, decent action, good barrel, sights & reasonable stock, you will probably have to budget about £1k or slightly more. Any TR club local to you to see if anyone is selling a rifle?
  16. Holts Auctions sometimes have some reasonable options - sealed bids, so prices probably a little higher than quoted - here is a Swing. And another one. Note 20% commission + VAT I think.
  17. So did I, very happy with the purchase.
  18. I'm guessing that you are looking for BSA Scorpion model? Haven't see any for "private" sale - they are a bit basic for people who want air rifles for vermin shooting, etc. Might have to go the official cadet route.
  19. Probably easier / quicker to make (or print with 3D printer) if you have dimensions?
  20. Very similar to a GreenKat I think - still a reasonable starter 'scope, some TR shooters use them for long range.
  21. I'll take the torque wrench please. Standing by for PM for payment / postage. Might take a day or so to catch up, travelling international later.
  22. I think you need to edit your link or add a list? The (broken link above shows a sling only.
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