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  1. I'll take the torque wrench please. Standing by for PM for payment / postage. Might take a day or so to catch up, travelling international later.
  2. I think you need to edit your link or add a list? The (broken link above shows a sling only.
  3. Depends on your budget - several on Ebay such as this one.
  4. Long story, no immediate slots available. Please PM.
  5. I've got a standard rear sight I can donate to the cause. Not down at Bisley for a while so I can post (or maybe drop off to / from work?).
  6. Just run-in / zeroed my Paramount last Fri - new 1:13 Kreiger, 30" barrel fitted by him - all very neat & tidy. After running it in, had a quick shoot on an e-tgt at 300x - 50.8 was the best score, both the dropped V's were down to me! 😉
  7. MIke Jenvey


    Just to point anyone in his direction (I have a vested interest as I'm getting an action done over winter! 😉 ), if anyone is looking to have any re-bluing done, this is a possible option: David Crispin Crispin Engineering Ltd. Hut 60 Bisley Camp Queens Road Brookwood GU24 0NP
  8. I would like to recommend this company should you need to have a rifle / shotgun / pistol woodwork that needs to be refreshed. Specialist Stocks & Finishing Ltd Before & after pictures, my Paramount stock that hadn’t been cleaned up for over 10 years! Rob Libbiter has worked miracles. Stripped all the rubbish off & then a 2 coat varnish, only £75 + postage (£15 in this case). Very happy to recommend - he can do a deeper gloss finish - about £20 or so more, & of course, stain to your chosen colour & conceal repairs. I can PM individual photos if required rather than the “composite” shots below. Contact: roblibbiter “at” gmail.com
  9. There might be a Gemini / RPA combination becoming available via a friend.
  10. MIke Jenvey

    7.62 TR.

    A Mk3 Swing here. Musgrave. RPA Quadlock Neilson
  11. B*gger! Didn't notice that! 😆
  12. Hmmm, might be a tight budget, unless a good Swing comes along. Brand new barrel, proofed = circa £800, so say at least £500-£600 for a low use example. Action = new Barnard-P is about £1300-£1400. At least £1000 for second hand? Sights - decent rear sight (Centra), maybe £400. Foresight - 22mm ladder = £130. Say £400 second hand, no irises (£150+?). Stock - £500 -> lots if Gemini! Adding that up = £600 + £1000 + £400 + £500. = £2500? Fairly standard Swing here - only 28" barrel though. How about this Quadlock?
  13. What's your budget? Fultons (always a bit more expensive!) have a nice looking RPA Quadlite, £2495.
  14. Just hover your mouse over my screen name / icon, & you should get a pop-up which will have a message option to click on.
  15. Yep, it is. All yours. Please PM me address, etc, & I'll confirm BACS, postage, etc. Will also send a couple of photos.
  16. Standard Anschutz dovetail - the tunnel is almost flush to the top of the mounting (by about one mm?). Silly me - yep, edited, thanks.
  17. After a clear out at Bisley over the recent Imperial meeting, I have the following items for sale (+ postage costs of course). Piccies via PM - too big on data for direct linking. 1. Anschutz 6226 round adjustable hand stop / sling attachment (silver) - £20. SOLD (£40 new) 2. 32x WIDE (TSE-14WB) eyepiece for 800 series 'scopes - excellent condition, it will fit TSN 821, 822, 823 & 824 models. - £105 (free ESE sling claw 😉 ) Example only 3. Assorted 18mm foresight elements - sequentially ranging from 2.6 to 4.6, but a few (2.8, 3.4, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9 & 4.3 are missing); some of the smaller sizes are duplicated / & or blade elements.. These have been hidden away for yonks in an old St Bruno tobacco tin, so a few may need a clean up before use (most are clean). Metal elements are £4.00 with Intershoot, so £30 for the lot is a bargain! SOLD 4. 22mm Centra tunnel foresight - think it is the "Score" model, black, very good condition - £35. SOLD (£67 new) 5. 0.5 eagle eye (with deep collar) - will not fit Centra sights (short collar needed for Centra) - £7.50. SOLD
  18. Having gracefully changed shape slightly (& invested in a new jacket 😉), my “Desi Smit” jacket (made in SA to my then measurements) is up for grabs. The leather (super quality) is in very good condition (regularly treated with leather cream) with just a few marks commensurate with wear). Elbow pads are as good as new - excellent grip. Would probably suit someone with a 42-44” chest / 36-38” waist depending on what layers you wear under a jacket. Height - about 5 ft 10” (177 of those metric thingies). Rear pocket for all those necessities such as bolt, glove, etc. I’m down at the Imperial from next Thurs. Please PM if interested. Photo files too big - will try & add separately. £110 OVNO
  19. Well, Journeyman hasn't come back to me, so I will PM you an email address for direct comms - I think that current security measures on the forum will stop yopu from sending PMs until a certain post count.
  20. At Bisley this weekend if it helps.
  21. Yep, it is. I have a couple of "expressions of interest" to look at it during the Bisley Imperial Meeting next month, but nothing concrete. I'll PM you an email address for direct comms.
  22. An unchambered / unthreaded barrel is not an FAC item, just a metal tube. I brought one back from the USA a few years ago.
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