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    Lee Enfield .22 Rifle Wanted

    The .22 training rifle was the No 8, they are around but are expensive. No 7 and No 9 (Navy) are Lee Enfield No4 look alikes, but manufactured for .22. Lots of information here: http://www.rifleman.org.uk/Enfield_Rifle_No.9.html Sorry only know a couple of people who own them, and they buy but don't sell!
  2. tonywbyrne

    Eley Tenex Ultimate Eps 2050 Rounds For Sale

    I was shooting a batch UJ4113 in 2004, first time I tested and bought from Eley. Not sure whether this adds to the discussion, just one of those useless facts that fill my brain!
  3. tonywbyrne

    Barry Nesom Turnover Foresight - Now Sold!

    Is the 4 Barry's reference for the sight radius this foresights designed for? If so what radius is it for? Thanks, Tony
  4. tonywbyrne

    No4 Mk1 T

    Are you monitoring this post, if so can you post pictures?
  5. tonywbyrne

    Remember Me

    .....me too. About 1 in 3 times I have to log back in. IE7's latest incarnation. Yes it is becoming a pain!