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  1. I have a Large Kurt Thune Solid Glove - Short Finger for sale. It is in basically new condition as has hardly been used. Photos of it can be sent if interested but for reference it is this glove here: http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/kurt-thune-solid-glove-short-fingers-p-415.html?cPath=1_5 I am looking for £50 for it, plus P+P. Thanks,
  2. olitre3

    Club prone rifles

    We could be interested in the anschutz ones. but we are down in Sussex. We are also still waiting for our club FAC to come through and would need to apply for a variation. Where are you?
  3. olitre3

    Club prone rifles

    Hi All, My Club has recently had an influx of members and we don't have enough rifles to really support them all. we have 3/4 people using each club rifle and really need some more. We also have a few people interested in getting their FAC and getting their first rifle. I am ideally looking for some cheap ish good for beginner prone rifiles. A couple left handeds. Also some junior rifles, I know that they are difficult to find. I hope some of you will know of a club looking to sell some rifles or someone who is looking at getting their 2nd rifle? Thanks
  4. Updated list to show what is still for sale. Please do enquire and I am happy to send photos
  5. 10.9 jacket and torque wrench now gone. all the rest still for sale
  6. Most of it still going. need to clear!
  7. Hi All, I have acquired quite a few bits of shooting kit and have it all for sale. Please see the attached sheet of what I have with some prices. I can send pictures of anything that you are interested in, Just let me know Cheers, Oli Shooting Kit For Sale.pdf
  8. Is this still avaliable? I have sent you a PM. Please let me know Thanks Oliver
  9. Is this still available? Or did it sell? Thanks
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