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  1. Now sold - B Nickel Marburg/L Supra 4x20 E/D/K Twin Post (Dual Reticle) Scope This is a very rare scope specifically designed for 10m running target (formally running boar) air rifle shooting under ISSF rules where only 4x20 power scopes are permitted. These scopes are unique as they have two posts which are independently adjustable for windage in order to get the correct ''lead' in each direction when shooting at the moving target. Vertical adjustment is done using the adjuster on top of the scope which moves both posts together. The Scope is in very good co
  2. I've recently bought a 1960's Hammerli Master Co2 target pistol in a fitted case and I'm looking for a 'period' rectangular H&N Match tin (grey and white) to fill one of the cutouts as shown below... Does anyone have one in a drawer somewhere?
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