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  1. dwcshoot

    Left Handed Club Target Rifle

    Our club is looking for a left handed target rifle. It is mainly for beginners so a basic model would be fine. Perhaps a light weight rifle would make sense as it could be used for juniours eg BSA mark 4, Anschutz 07 series etc. Anything would be considered however. I don't know what the price range would be as yet, just seeing what is about. Cheers Dave
  2. dwcshoot

    Jacket Required

    Hi. Looking for a jacket to fit a lady 5'4" tall. When buying a top she would buy size 14 to 16. Think the jacket she has been using ( single canvas type with the huge elbow pads, you know the kind!) is about size 38. Thought perhaps if a lady shooter had been using the jacket it would be a better fit for her. Obviously would need to try it for size so somewhere in Scotland would be best. Cheers Dave
  3. dwcshoot

    Bsa Mk Ii And Mk Iii Surplus

    Where would the fun be in that? With a slight adjustment of rifle cant you can actually aim where your cases will land! Who cares if you just shot an 8........a tingle on your neighbours sights with a spent case will make up for it Add some wind and I guess this could become an admired skill, if not a whole new sport. PS I use an Anschutz Dave
  4. dwcshoot

    Bsa Mk Ii And Mk Iii Surplus

    Simon. Interested to know how you got rid of them. Our club may want to get rid of a couple of BSA rifles in future. Cheers Dave
  5. dwcshoot

    Parts For Walther Bolt

    Emma I think you should put us out of our misery! We all like to get a higher average but to climb a ladder is just not on. DWC
  6. dwcshoot

    Butthooks For Anschutz

    A couple of members in our club are looking for a butthook to fit on their Anschutz rifles. If I remember correctly one is a Match 64 and the other is a 1407 I think. They would be replacing the existing flat butt plate so ( unless using spacers) the only movement will be up or down. Does anyone have an older type hook that they don't use any more? DWC