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  1. Hi mate, Did Peter complete the purchase or is it still for sale ??
  2. Hi Gordon , Did the sale go through ok or is the Hook still available ??
  3. Thanks Gbart I've been following this rifle since it first appeared in the shop .... I'm thinking for the extra £200 I could get a brand new Walther KK300 from the NRSA Shop. I've spoken to the guys at inter shoot ( VERY HELPFUL !!! ) and they praise the Walther massively .. soooooo a bit torn lol Either way I'll let you know of my decision .. once of course my license comes through
  4. Actively seeking something along the lines of the KK300 or the FWB 2700. I'm VERY willing to spend up to £2500. However I would prefer the rifle to be complete with sights and stock assembly. I've been looking now for about 2 months and have found quite a few adverts with very nice rifles but missing essentials such as sights or stocks, hence my comment If any members have suggestions to alternatives I would greatly appreciate any comments
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