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  1. I have a AHG jacket for your chest size I believe ‘Match 164’ only worn about 15/20 times! I only want £80 for it
  2. Hi Jim, I’ve already four Spy’s so I can’t justify another I’m afraid. If you do decide to split, then please do get in touch 😀
  3. Anyone got one kicking about in there kit bag?
  4. Looking for one of the yellow push on Iris rings.
  5. As the title says - Looking for some 2nd hand kit please.
  6. Wesley92

    FWB 800x

    You not getting on with it Steve?
  7. Are items marked in ‘grey’ sold?
  8. Wesley92

    Trigger Shoes

    Anyone got any trigger shoes for sale? Will consider anything
  9. Hey Raine, If I’m honest I was mainly after the yellow so I’ll pass, sorry! With regards to the Barrel weights I already have that type I was after the ones that go over the barrel about 100g I believe
  10. Raine! rear Coloured sight rings -£10 - Will these fit all iris's? the rubber push on ones? mec weights x2 -£10 each - Are these the U Shaped Tube weights?
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