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  1. Correct. they are the ones without the filter inserts.
  2. Gehmann 565 Iris £90 + pp SOLD Centra IRIS combi with colours (Poloriser removed as it sadley broke during strip down) £40 + pp Centra IRIS Combi with colours inc Poloriser £70 + PP SOLD KK500 butt plate (no carrier) £210 + pp SOLD MEC Monical spacer & base holder (no rod) 20 + PP SOLD Mec Monical 23mm lens holder (just the ring ring that the lens fits into) £15 + pp SOLD Kurt Thune SOLID full finger glove (for the left hand) size M good condition £40 + pp M22 MEC Eagle Eyes Brand New (0.30, 0.50, 0.75) £20 each + pp 18MM Anshutz Centra Score Tunnel BLACK £30 +pp Gehmann Vario FS Iris 18mm 2.5mm to 4.3mm (I THINK its a 1.2mm ring thickness) £30 +pp SOLD (pictures to also come tomorrow)
  3. As title says I’m after 3 tunnels 3 sets of lens holders 2 rear Iris (ideally with polarisation)
  4. What M22 Inserts have you got?
  5. https://postimg.cc/svmGbZB8 https://postimg.cc/yDrg84yy This is the product - ahg Anschutz Match 164 (intershoot.co.uk) Its a size 54, you can have a look on the website they offer a measument guide that you can use to see if the jacket is suitable. Its a little bit dirty, and the sling hook patch has started to frey (you can see it 'white cotton' in front facing photo. This doesnt effect the jacket though, well I personally didnt find it to. Price : £80 I can post for extra or collection Bisley
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