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  1. Just the rifle bob, I have my own sights etc. I will be at LRC Thursday till about 16:00
  2. Bob that's fine, I train down there every day. Just speak to one of the Army team.
  3. Interested, When are you next making a visit to Bisley?
  4. I have an Anschutz 23mm holder.
  5. Looking for a mixture of High ends, ideally only looking for 1.2mm ring width.
  6. Wesley92

    Centra Spy

    Stolen my wanted thread...
  7. Wesley92

    Centra Spy

    You could of listed them separate, people would most likely be interested. The spy isn’t for me, it’s for someone else and only requires the base spy unit.
  8. Wesley92

    Centra Spy

    Any update of wanting to split Jim?
  9. Wesley92

    Centra Spy

    Show me what you have got, either colour, long or short.
  10. Good evening all, I have decided to sell up a spare jacket that I have and no longer require, ahg Anschutz Match 164 Size EU 54 All grip etc is in very good condition, the jacket isn't a year old! Only used a dozen times at least. I'm located in Bisley / Bulford Jacket is slightly dirty from storage
  11. Paul im interested in your other Spy, you mentioned its Anschutz fitting, these fit most though don't they? or do you mean the FS adaptor is Anschutz fitting only?
  12. Will you take £150? Bit of a lowball
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