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  1. I have the following items to sell Anshutz cleaning rod guide for .22 prone rifle £15.00 (includes p&p) - SOLD Anschutz 4506 SW4 Torque wrench £60 (includes p&p) - SOLD and the very instructive 'Prone to Win' by Chris Fordham £60 PLUS p&p (in very good condition) BACS payment is preferable please
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    Dear Neil Are you still looking to buy a rifle? If so, I'm selling my Anschutz 1913 aluminium stock .22 prone rifle. It will come with the 20 click 7020 rearsight included in the price. It has a Gehmann 565 double polariser/6 colour filter eyepiece and Centra Duo Vario Foresight. The price is £1500. I am happy to take the foresight and eyepiece off and replace them with a standard eyepiece/foresight. If so, the price would be £1200. Many thanks. Ian
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