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  1. batty

    Anschutz 8002 Air Rifle

    If you are nsra affiliated, put in a claim!
  2. batty

    Anchutz 1407 Rifle Stock For Match 54 For Sale.

    Nope, there is no trigger access hole, and no relief for the bolt-mounted safety. It's a 1610, or an early 1810, made before the cooling vents were cut into the fore-end. Anschutz beg to differ http://jga.anschuetz-sport.com/index.php5?menu=365&sprache=1
  3. batty

    Anchutz 1407 Rifle Stock For Match 54 For Sale.

    It's defo a 1410
  4. batty

    Anchutz 1407 Rifle Stock For Match 54 For Sale.

    http://s1128.photobucket.com/user/rickwag/media/Rifles/DSC_0564.jpg.html front is a XX07 stock back is a XX10 stock
  5. batty

    Anchutz 1407 Rifle Stock For Match 54 For Sale.

    thats a 1410 stock
  6. batty

    Starik Carbon Tuner Tube Sold !

    We saw the packaging!
  7. batty

    Screw For Anschutz Cantable Rear Sight 7002

  8. batty

    Wanted 10M Rifle Stand

  9. batty

    Wanted A Used Scatt Mx-02

    with the mx2 bring relatively new you will struggle to find a second hand one... try looking for a USB scattered or buy new
  10. batty

    Anschutz Butt Hook Part

    If it does become available I'm after one of those (specifically the one with the kink in ot)
  11. batty

    Anschutz Butt Hook Part

    Is the end part available for sale (the light silver part)?
  12. batty

    For Sale Anschutz 1813 Action In Tec-Hro Stock

    actually J and I are merged Details are here https://jga.anschuetz-sport.com/index.php5?menu=25&sprache=1&frageID=%2590%25A9%2506%25D1%25BF3_%25E2&FAQID=%2503%2514%25F4%2519%25B2%25E0r%25CD
  13. batty

    For Sale Anschutz 1813 Action In Tec-Hro Stock

    If its a factory barrel there should be two letters stamped on it.. 1996 should have jg A=0 B=1 C=2 D=3 E=4 F=5 And so on
  14. batty

    .22 Rifle Ammo Haul

    Depends on the training being undertaken!! Might be an idea to have a word with a manufacturer direct and see if you can purchase end of batches or bulk loose/poor graded ammo
  15. batty

    4Mm Anschutz Front Sight Riser Block

    Michelle, how long did you live in Zummerzet. Oiy be thinking you turned turnip. Dont forget Tim, there are sites on the web where you can translate languages, not sure about dialects though. Be off with ya now. J bl00dy autocorrect!
  16. batty

    4Mm Anschutz Front Sight Riser Block

    Give andy Lawrence a shout... He done sight raisers
  17. Hi Guys I'm after a Centra Score Foresight Tunnel for Anschutz if anyone has one going spare Cash waiting!
  18. batty

    For Sale: Mec/centra Duplex

    Guys Play nicely!! Someone is trying to sell some kit here
  19. batty


    Probaby because it hasn't been requested to neil. Don't forget this site is run by Neil (with the help of the moderating team) and not the nsra/issf etc
  20. batty

    Walther Kk200 Hand Grip (Small)

    Make one - I had a home made onr on my alutec stock for years
  21. Still got that 1913 action lijia short barrel and tubes for sale
  22. batty

    Cheek Piece

    Make one!! Screw a piece of wood to it
  23. batty

    Parts For Anschutz Match 54 Bolt

    Check the sear on the firing pin... i had the a burr develop on my anschutz back in 2003 which made lifting the bolt harder and harder until during the Roberts final my scorer had to come and put his foot on my butt and yank the Bl00dy thing up. The burr occurred on the (back mid side). Get you r firing pin out and give it a good groap to see if there are any sharp bits (hough don't do anything with the very bottom part that contacts with the sear... pm me if you want me to explain further via a telephone call
  24. batty

    5 Spot 10M Nsra Targets In Beige Wanted

    i'm pretty sure there is no minimum from the nsra... I usually go grab 1k or 500 at a time. I see you are in the north east, It might be worth having a chat with Harry Preston (based in York) he is an edelmann supplier (and they are a lot cheaper than the NSRA)
  25. batty

    Poly Morph

    Mark. Nip to halfords and get yourself some p38 in the body filler area