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  1. John Wilding

    Walther .22 Rimfire Target Rifle

    Hi Hello Andrew Sorry you can't see the pictures, yes the rifle is still for sale. I have tried to upload pictures, however this site is not the best to deal with when you attempt to load or edit a picture. I f you can not see the new pictures please can you send me your Email and I will send you the photos. Regards John
  2. John Wilding

    Walther .22 Rimfire Target Rifle

    For sale - My Walther .22 rimfire bolt action target rifle - right handed full adjustable laminated stock - Walther Diopter sight - adjustable fore sight - drop down bipod - new Beretta carry case. £450.00 If you would like more pictures or information, please Email me on = wildinghome@aol.co.uk = and I will be happy to supply what you need.