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  1. Thanks Mac, PM sent Phil
  2. Hi Mac, Thanks, I'm not sure the difference between old and new, if you could find one, could you take a pic please. Thanks, keep me posted Happy new year Phil
  3. Thanks to mick for getting back and looking, unfortunately mick didn't have a short ratchet so I'm still looking if someone can help. Regards Phil
  4. Hi mick, PM sent Thanks Phil
  5. Hi all, Happy Xmas and a good new year. I'm looking for a grunig and elmiger short butt plate ratchet, I have a long rachet now but could do with a short ratchet. Willing to exchange long for short if someone wants to, or just purchase. Thank you for your time Phil
  6. Pm sent regarding all 3 Thank you Phil
  7. Pm sent, offer accepted at your counter offer Phil
  8. PM sent and offer put forward Thank you Phil
  9. Thank you all, I've bought one from hyperlink. Regards Phil
  10. Hi, I'm looking for some front sight raiser blocks for an anschutz 1913 barrel. I'm looking for 4,6 and 8mm blocks so I can see what works the best. I have an adjustable rear block. And can't use an adjustable front as it's too high. So I'm looking for smaller fixed for the front. Thank you Phil
  11. Hi, Thank you for the reply, do you have any photos and how much would you want? What base cames with it? I have a 1913 Phil
  12. Hi, Thank you, looks good. I'll get back to you soon of that's ok. Phil
  13. Hi all, I'm looking for a front sight to fit an anschutz 1913 barrel. Ideally I'm after an adjustable cross hair Duo-Vario sight. If you can help, let me know Thanks Phil
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