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  1. Thanks for letting me know James .
  2. For sale is a California Torque Products pre- set T style torque wrench. Pre set( fixed ) at 25 inch lbs ...2.82Nm Bought in error so never used . Asking £20 ono inc UK postage . Advertised elsewhere.
  3. Payment recieved thanks and parcel posted at 14:25 today .
  4. SOLD !Thanks James, pm on its way . Regards, Gordon.
  5. For sale is a Lyman digital trigger weight gauge in carry case. Measures trigger pull in ...1oz - 12lbs / 3g - 5.4kg Asking £40 inc RMSD UK only postage. Bank transfer preferred . Regards, Gordon.
  6. Thanks for the advice Huey, I will run a few rounds through it at different settings ,I have different batches to try so I'll see what develops. Regards Gordon.
  7. Bit of brain fade I think Tim, should have been Lilja barrel Anyway it begins with" L" and ends in "a".
  8. Hi Huey, 5nm on the front two and 5.5nm on the rear two. These were the settings that the chap who I bought the rifle from recommended. At the moment I'm getting flyers into the 9 ring .The rifle has a stainless steel Lilja barrel and a Fat One tuner and sits in a bedded/pillared Cicognani BR stock ,the flyers are in the horizontal ,not vertical plane. So the torque wrench was to make sure I was getting the correct torque on the four bolts (Anschutz 2013 ) And be able to try different settings if necessary? Regards, Gordon .
  9. Thanks for that Huey, I've looked at a few , I need one that I can I finely adjust , most of the ones I've seen, its very difficult to get spot on the same settings each time . I have an Anschutz 2013 action with the four stock bolts ,its quite fussy on torque settings ,so thought /hoped that the AHG one would be easier to adjust ? Regards Gordon .
  10. I'm looking for an Anschutz Torque Wrench model 4506 (001176).If anyone has one available ? Regards ,Gordon
  11. Will pm you for the 2 Anschutz bolt knobs please Regards Gordon.
  12. Sorry Dave, it's sold .
  13. Posted RMSD today 03/12/18 at 11:22 .
  14. Sold to Matt ,subject to the usual . Regards Gordon
  15. I have an Anschutz 4765 Butt Hook for sale in very good condition. Asking £150 ono inc RMSD UK only. Bank transfer preferred .
  16. gordon


    I'm looking for a Harrel Tuner for my Anschutz Match 54 rifle ,the Barrel muzzle mics at 23.44mm.. Please pm me if you have one available . Thanks and regards Gordon
  17. I have been granted my FAC just hoping it will arrive soon ! so I'm looking for a well loved ! 22 lr BR rifle. Ideally I'm looking for an FWB 2700 but would consider any quality rifle. I shoot left hand but load right handed ,I will be shooting the UKBR22 HV class. Regards Gordon.
  18. I know this is a long shot (pun intended ) but has this rifle been sold ? Regards Gordon.
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