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  1. Sorry Dave, it's sold .
  2. Posted RMSD today 03/12/18 at 11:22 .
  3. Sold to Matt ,subject to the usual . Regards Gordon
  4. I have an Anschutz 4765 Butt Hook for sale in very good condition. Asking £150 ono inc RMSD UK only. Bank transfer preferred .
  5. gordon


    I'm looking for a Harrel Tuner for my Anschutz Match 54 rifle ,the Barrel muzzle mics at 23.44mm.. Please pm me if you have one available . Thanks and regards Gordon
  6. I have been granted my FAC just hoping it will arrive soon ! so I'm looking for a well loved ! 22 lr BR rifle. Ideally I'm looking for an FWB 2700 but would consider any quality rifle. I shoot left hand but load right handed ,I will be shooting the UKBR22 HV class. Regards Gordon.
  7. I know this is a long shot (pun intended ) but has this rifle been sold ? Regards Gordon.
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