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  1. Rob22

    Old .22 1813 Barrel And Action

    If your using a wooden stock you should really be loosening the bedding bolts and re-tourqueing it every time you shoot anyway as the temp, humidity etc makes the wood expand or contract. It won't harm the action providing you make sure theres no rubbish between the threads to be ground around... That said it seems a pain to have to spend that sort of money to deactivate a rifle ( dinged barrel or not) just to dry train
  2. Rob22

    Rh Anschutz S/match Stock

    Hey Loco, PM posted. Cheers Rob
  3. Rob22

    Torque Wrench

    I have an ahg one spare, I'd take 25 quid plus postage for it. Its in good nick, bout 3 years old, stored unwound. I got hold of one of those screwdriver ones on ebay for cheap (thanks to a mis spelling when it was posted lol) and I DO think they're a better job than the anschutz ones, and i can get mine calibrated at the local plane making facility (what doesn't everyone have one?) that said if you just want to get the same every time then ahg is prob plenty good enuff, its here if you want it. Kind regards, Rob
  4. Rob22

    Rh Anschutz S/match Stock

    Sorry Sink but I allready have the barrel and action, and am looking for the stock to complete. Appreciate the offer tho. Regards Rob
  5. Rob22

    Rh Anschutz S/match Stock

    Am looking for a Supermatch stock (right handed) for a match 54 type action, 18series would be prefeable, adjustible cheek piece a must. Doesn't need to be in great order, i intend fiddling and refinishing Regards Rob