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  1. Hi Imran my friend, if you look at the posts above you will see that A) I was not selling it and was after one myself and B) it has already been sold and long gone, sorry to bring you bad news, but if you are wanting one I purchased a ahg-Anschutz RACE Foresight Holder from Edinkillie who have a website the cost was around £70.00 plus the elements, but it is a great piece of Kit you won't be sorry my friend.
  2. gordonmrln

    Gun Cabinet.

    Hi there, I'm in the process of starting to shoot Benchrest, and as a starting point I am looking for a secondhand Gun Cabinet, I'm not looking for a big one, I would like a 3/4 size cabinet and If you have one depending on the location I would either collect or if you're out of my area I would arrange collection by courier. So If you have a Gun Cabinet that you are thinking of selling then drop me a line.
  3. Hi Ross, I've got this set of stretchers that I'm willing to sell if your interested I'm looking for £20 and I'll post them out to you. If you want them drop me a PM and we can sort payment out, either way let me know if or if not. I hope we can do the deal. Many Thanks. Gordy, PS, I live in Scotland so getting them to you would be pretty quick.
  4. Hi Rutty, Thank's so much for getting back to me, I'll will take a look at the info you have so helpfully provided. As I am a NSRA member I take a look at their stock, the only problem is that from my recollection the NSRA are not one of the cheapest places to buy your items. But saying that I will take a look, I'm not sure if members get any discount or not, but I'll have a butchers. So a Big thanks my friend for getting back to me, if you hear of any other places or see any for sale then by all means please do drop me a line. Thank You for your support. Gordy,
  5. Hi Everyone, Hope somebody out there might be able to help me out, I'm on the lookout for a "Belgian Spring" which for those who are not sure what It is I'm looking for. It is a item that fits onto the stand to allow Disabled shooters who have weak muscle control to shoot by taking the weight of the gun, the item is a Spring about 3" in length and about 1" Diameter this Spring is connected to a metal bracket which allows the Gun to be seated in, then the whole "Belgian Spring" is then fitted to an adjustable stand, allowing for height adjustment. So there you have it a " Belgian Spring " so if anyone has one or knows somebody that no longer uses there Spring then please drop me a line. I am interested in getting one as soon as I can as I do need it for my Competition shooting, as I am using my Club Spring to practice on at the moment. Thank you for your help and Support. Gordy.
  6. gordonmrln

    Centra Duplex.

    Hi There, I am on the hunt for a "Centra Duplex" for my FWB-p-700, If anyone out there has one for sale then by all means please drop me a line, many Thanks.
  7. Hi there Gary, I Supposed It's a bit of a long shot pardon the pun to think you still might have the Centra Duplex, as I'm a new member I've just come across your add, as I'm on the hunt for a Duplex as my Club Coach says that it would just give me that extra 10% I need to push up my scores. If you still have it I would be interested if not then I'll keep on the hunt, I know I can purchase a new one but as you will understand when you are self funding on a low budget then you have to start with the secondhand market, very few of us have the funds to purchase what we want when we want it. That's fine for those wealthy high end shooters, but when your at the bottom of the ladder you have to aim your sights lower and work within your limits, any way I've chuntered on enough now, many thanks my friend if you want to drop me a PM to let me know I'm clutching at straws I know, bye.
  8. Hi there, yes that's what I need I've also been looking through secondhand opticians equipment as they sometimes have the odd interesting items. By the way do you have any knowledge on Disabled shooting. I've applied to the IPC to get registered but I was wondering what happens if they don't accept you. Are you still allowed to shoot in competitions even though you have not been registered. If you have any information or advice I am all ears. Many Thanks my friend.
  9. Hi there, I hope somebody out there can help me please, I am looking for a Monocle attachment for the rear sight of a FWB p700, or anything that can be used to allow me to add my own prescription lens needed to allow me to shoot my desired field of vision. I am currently shooting without my glasses and although I'm getting a not to bad average of between 75-85 out of 100. What could I achieve if I had a Monocle with my prescription lens in, this is what I am trying to aim for, pardon the pun. However, I am self funding and I'm disabled and on low funds, so I need to beg, not steal, or borrow where I can, and if I can get help and support that would be a massive help in getting me to reach my goal, which is to become a "Paralympian" I hope to live the dream. So if anyone has one of these Monocle attachments lying around that they no longer use or need, and feel in such a generous state of mind they would like to donate such an item to my "Help my Dream fund" then I would be forever grateful and indebted to you, if not, if anyone has such an item for sale at a very reasonable price I would very much like to hear from you. So please if there is anyone, anyone at all that can help me to progress then please get in touch, I look forward to hearing from you. Many Thanks to one and all.
  10. Hi there, I'm very new to target shooting and I'm already bitten by the bug, I have an ambition to become a paralympian as I'm disabled, I long to shoot for team GB, but it all boils down to whether I will be assessed as disabled enough, which sounds rather funny to those of us that are disabled, not only been disabled you have to be disabled to a certain degree, which I find slightly at odds with just been disabled. However, I've decided to take the plunge and I've contacted the IPC to get assessed. This will decide how I am classed and register me to compete in competitions as a disabled shooter. My only worry is if I don't reach the level of disability to qualify then how do I go forward as a disabled shooter, how will I be able to compete as a disabled shooter. Because whether I pass or not I know I'm still disabled and always will be, I'm never going to get any better as one of my conditions is degenerative and is and will worsen over time, so I am more likely to get more disabled as time progresses. But hey,ho we crack on regardless, so a big hello to one and all, and anyone out there who wants a chat or has any advice then please by all means drop me a line. Many Thanks one and all.

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