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    Located at Altrincham
  2. The barrel was a Border/Anschutz diameter 25.64mm with the dovetail grooves cut into the barrell
  3. I have two extension tubes made by Barry Nesom together with one collar. They are 6 and 12 inches in length in excellent condition. £95 Collar will fit Anschutz 1913 (or 2013 I believe) - barrel with dovetail grooves cut into barrel. Barrel diameter was 25.64mm.
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    as far as I'm aware sights are available and the rifles have not been dropped.
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    My club has 2 BSAs available for sale - any interest? Mike
  6. Anschutz 5018 Two Stage Trigger for 1800, 1900 series, 54 and 2000 Series Actions, adjustable (2.1 oz. to 8.6 oz.) - I believe it is the 5018 because it came off a 1913 rifle and it has the number 18 stamped on it. The pins were slightly loos and they have been "araldited" to ensure they don;t fall out otherwise the trigger works fine.Type: Two stage trigger 5018Version: rightTilting range (mm): 11Adjustment of the trigger shoe (mm): 23Trigger blade: 007434Color of the trigger shoe: BlackSafety: safety has been removed it is not required for NSRA or ISSF competitions (I might be able to f
  7. Anschutz 19 series action & Border barrel (cut not button) for sale together with a Barry Nesom extension tube and an Anschutz round to square action adaptor - no sensible offer refused.
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