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  1. Hi, is this the 22mm or 24mm barrel please? Cheers George
  2. Unfortunately not sorry, I would like to sell it as a whole. Let me know if you are interested, I'm based in Southampton and could arrange for you to try it. Thanks George
  3. I have a 1913 Supermatch in a 2213 stock if you are interested in a whole setup?
  4. Looking for lightweight rifle, something like a Walther KK300 although I would be interested in anything of a similar weight! Thanks in advance
  5. Forgot to ask sorry, is this the lightweight or heavyweight barrel please? Thanks again!
  6. Hi there Very interested in your clubmate's rifle! Could you please email me a pic or two to gabw17@gmail.com? Cheers!
  7. Hi I've got an adjustable Gehmann or Centra glass (can't remember off hand) foresight iris, 18mm, if you're interested? Looking for £50 ono including p&p Let me know best George
  8. Pm sent George
  9. I have a FAS 6004 which I'm considering selling. I like it because its single shot pneumatic rather than PCP. They're very nicley made too. It has a large RH grip which fits my fairly large hands well and there is plenty of space for the palm shelf to be lowered for larger hands (this is the largest size they make). I bought it brand new just under 2 years ago and have not even shot 4 tins of pellets with it as I got distracted by 22 prone at about the same time! I'll have a think about wheather I want to sell if you are interested? But would reccomend looking at new ones anyway! I think the ambidextrous ones sell for about £350 and the RH ones sell for about £410 new. Definately worth a look at and much cheaper than nearly all PCPs.
  10. Thanks all! I have tried fitting a M5x1 and it seems to run smoothly, was careful not to strip the threads. Though I will get a thread gauge on the job first as i don't want tightening to cause wear.
  11. Thank you, they're much cheaper!
  12. Does anyone have 1 or 2 an Anschutz fast clamps they want to sell please? (These ..........https://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/Anschutz-Fast-Clamp--1405.html) Thanks in advance!
  13. Adjustable height scope stand with saddle bracket ready to accept most scope diameters. Once mounted the scope can be adjusted in all directions. Not sure of the make but it is built to last. £50, open to offers and willing to post otherwise collection from Southampton
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