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  1. Gbartonw

    Handstop Wanted

    Try the MEC one! I like it and the sling can be clipped in two different positions depending on preference. https://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/MEC-Handstop-67.html
  2. Provisionally sold sorry, if it falls through I'll be in touch
  3. Yes, This will fit a standard Anschutz M18 foresight, I used to use it in one
  4. Still for sale, all offers considered I will be at Bisley next week.
  5. Either way, we 3D print for fun and to help anyone looking for bits and pieces they otherwise cannot get hold of! None of this is to generate profit.
  6. I've got a 3D printer so if you have access to CAD I'm happy to print it for you. If you don't have CAD a mate and I 3D print Anschutz bolt protectors which I'm sure are similar enough to modify the drawings forto fit a FWB although it might not be very quick!
  7. My email address is gabw17@gmail.com if you would rather contact me that way? All the best George
  8. Good evening. Whats the barrel diameter please? 22mm or 24mm? Many thanks
  9. Hi, is this the 22mm or 24mm barrel please? Cheers George
  10. Unfortunately not sorry, I would like to sell it as a whole. Let me know if you are interested, I'm based in Southampton and could arrange for you to try it. Thanks George
  11. I have a 1913 Supermatch in a 2213 stock if you are interested in a whole setup?
  12. Looking for lightweight rifle, something like a Walther KK300 although I would be interested in anything of a similar weight! Thanks in advance
  13. Forgot to ask sorry, is this the lightweight or heavyweight barrel please? Thanks again!
  14. Hi there Very interested in your clubmate's rifle! Could you please email me a pic or two to gabw17@gmail.com? Cheers!
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