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  1. SOLDI have decided with much reluctance to sell my FWB601 target rifle. It is in absolutely immaculate original condition.I'm only selling it because I am going to be buying a brand new target rifle , 'one in, one out'.Full set of original seals and full service carried out using proper FWB grease January 2019, so good to shoot for another 20 years!Perfectly consistent and perfectly accurate. I have been shooting her for the last three months to great affect in my bell target league.I have a chrono and full 10M range for buyer to test before purchasing if wanted.If you are looking for a genuinely great 601, this is it!I'm not against posting, but in this case I have decided not to post because I'd hate to have it lost or broken!The person that gets in his car, will NOT be disappointed!!Rifle in the Cardiff area.£475.https://ibb.co/X32KCWXhttps://ibb.co/bBvqnjHhttps://ibb.co/cTNmwLHhttps://ibb.co/LZL7Rbrhttps://ibb.co/M5QzNBxhttps://ibb.co/ykk3G9phttps://ibb.co/5WNLbDnhttps://ibb.co/xHVkMdhhttps://ibb.co/2ZS38Mkhttps://ibb.co/hcv6jx9https://ibb.co/5TQwK8Bhttps://ibb.co/ZmRqnkn
  2. Hi, I'm looking to buy a very modern 10M PCP target air rifle. I'm open to consider any brand as long as it is an alloy stocked modern rifle. I can travel for a good rifle. A blue LG300 would be nice 😍 Thanks. Rob.
  3. swift16

    FWB 601

    Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my target rifle and I'm looking to buy a nice condition FWB 601 602 or 603. If you have one and would like to sell it, I'm in the market and willing to travel for the right rifle. Thanks, Rob. Edit, now bought a rifle.
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