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  1. swift16

    Hawken Rifle

    Hi, I am in the market for a Muzzle loading Hawken rifle in 50 cal. If you have one to sell or know anybody with one for sale, I'm all ears. I can travel and collect for the right gun. 🙂 Thanks, Rob.
  2. Match 54 firing pin spring (the long one in the bolt) part number 1407-15 Or at the very least a recommendation of a shop to buy it from in the UK. Thanks.
  3. Hi Neil,

    Can we do a deal on your match 54 spring? Thanks,


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    2. swift16


      Hi Neil,

      Just off to the range today, so will hold off until the postman has been 🙂

      Thank you very much.


    3. swift16


      Hi Neil,

      The spring got here today, just (it was almost bust out the paper letter.

      Hopefully it will stop the light strikes.



    4. Neilj62


      Hi Rob, 

      Oops, maybe I should have popped it in a padded envelope rather than an standard one, but at least you’ve got it now.

      Do let me know if it cures the issue.

      One of my club mates went to see the Anschutz guy at Bisley a week or so ago, and Mateus took the firing pin out, looked at it and smacked it with a big hammer, and the. Said, “yes much better”😀 The look on my colleague’s face was priceless Lol😀😀, apparently (according to Mateus it’s always good to make sure the firing pin is completely straight😱)

      Good shooting 



  4. swift16


    Edit... Not wanted any longer. Thanks
  5. Hi, I understand the rules on this forum do not allow 'business' to place adds, but one per three months from contributors maybe tolerated? So hopefully, the powers that be will allow this (although I'm not strictly a business for guns!) I have made cast resin Walther grips in medium right hand and cleaning rods to fit Match 54's and KK200's. £55 and £15 respectively, post free. https://ibb.co/QddzFTB https://ibb.co/hC8sjG6 https://ibb.co/XJ0yR7Z https://ibb.co/5R9mn3b https://ibb.co/n8np59T Thanks,
  6. Hi, As new Steyr Evo10 pistol I bought this from the NSRA shop just over a year ago. It is in immaculate condition, you'd never know it has been used ! Medium right grip. It has shot less than 3 tins of pellets. I bought it to shoot at a local club, but I no longer go there, so have no use of it. £1200 from Cardiff, all forms of payment taken. https://ibb.co/KGFKfZk https://ibb.co/9ZsPV6s https://ibb.co/G5dRHzb https://ibb.co/mtvBBPH https://ibb.co/g6jTYzQ https://ibb.co/j4wKsc5 https://ibb.co/4KyQBjs https://ibb.co/bW3k1wv https://ibb.co/X8d1mFF https://ibb.co/cQ56JNN
  7. Bump, this is a new rifle, only 7 weeks old.
  8. Edit as Race now sold.
  9. Hello, Yes you can 🙂 Please PM me and we can sort it out. Thanks.
  10. SOLD. Hi, I am giving up some aspects of my target shooting due to personal reasons. This rifle is 7 weeks old and has shot less than 1/2 a tin of pellets. It was bought brand new form Intershoot and was used for indoor bell target where only 9 shots are shot per week ! The rifle has all its original packing and is in as new condition, you simply will not tell it's been used. The rifle also comes with the upgraded and nicer feeling and looking Blue Angle grip and cheek piece. ( these are expensive parts!) I not allowed to post this PCP air rifle outside an RFD service, so it will have to be collection or meet half way . Selling from Cardiff PRICE DROPPED TO £1550. All forms of payment taken. https://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/Walther-LG-400-Alutec-Competition-723.html https://ibb.co/bQfwyXc https://ibb.co/yqBgFKC https://ibb.co/ZGyHFpS https://ibb.co/cxdd5gR https://ibb.co/hmgFLk3 https://ibb.co/9Z7bXNL https://ibb.co/6F24QXj https://ibb.co/QCbskP1 https://ibb.co/3SH63bn https://ibb.co/fQFgwmk https://ibb.co/tLJFdjR https://ibb.co/PcdkNxk
  11. Centra 1.8 Crystal £75 posted. Price dropped! Sold New iris designed for the Centra Spy rearsightCan also be used with all other rearsightsTranslucent housing provides better viewing of flagsAdjusts from 0.8mm > 1.8mm https://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/Centra-1-8-Crystal-Iris-431.html https://ibb.co/6HJYySM https://ibb.co/qJHtn1z ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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