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  1. is it still available
  2. i am interested way of the rifle
  3. Hi I bought a Anschutz Rearsight and Centra score Foresight because before i planned to buy Anshchutz Rifle but I bought a Walther and i cann't use those sight.So i would like to sell it again with 150 pound including postage for UK mainland. Both are very good condition and they are normally in new is over 250 pound.
  4. i got his number using to contact me is 07451276086.
  5. is it available or not
  6. rifle is still avaliable or not
  7. is it still available or not
  8. yethiha

    Anschutz 64.30

    still available or not
  9. yethiha

    Rifle case for sale

    hi could you sent me photo please
  10. Is it come with sight or not
  11. hi is it still available or not.If still available could you send me picture to my email yethiha13@gmail.com thanks ye
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