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  1. I have a pair of Sauer rifle shooting boots, size UK 12 / EU 47, for sale. These are about five years old, came with squared-off soles which have been trimmed by hand. Seen hardly any use, no more than a dozen times. New these would cost £180 from Edinkillie, happy to let them go to a good home for £90.




  2. Another rifle for sale - this one a factory-selected Anschütz 1907 barrelled action in a Grünig+Elmiger RS III Stock. I selected this barrel as part of a batch in 2013, used by Seonaid at the 2014 World Championships and 2016 European U21 Championships (1st in Qualification; 4th in Final of 3x20).


    New this would be over £3,500 - looking for £2,000.


  3. I have an extremely adjustable palm-shelf for shooting standing that I'm not using. It can be rotated, twisted and moved in all sorts of directions, and there is a thumbwheel to allow quick adjustment of the height on the firing point. New this cost approximately £275, looking for £200.







  4. I have a Kurt Thune X.9 Hybrid jacket that no longer fits - for the first time ever I'm getting rid of a jacket that is now too large!


    This jacket was made for me in 2012, seen relatively light use and still in great condition.


    Chest approximately 46", would suit a tall shooter (I'm 6'3" or 1.9m).


    These days a new Made to Measure version of this would be more than £850, a new Off-the-peg size over £700. Looking for £400.


    Currently in the Edinkillie office in Edinburgh.



  5. British Shooting have a couple of items available for sale.


    First up is an Anschütz 1907 barrelled action, which was one of a batch I selected from the factory in early 2013. It has seen relatively little use, perhaps six months of training by Jen McIntosh prior to her switch to Grünig & Elmiger in 2015. A new one retails for approximately £1,200 - we are happy to let this go at £750.
    Secondly is a canvas Kustermann jacket (the Monaco Comfort model), originally made for Matt Thomson. This is essentially unused. Approximate sizes based on measurements taken of the jacket are 42" Chest, 40" Waist, 46" Hips. A new off-the-peg version of this jacket retails for a little under £600, we are happy to let this go for £300.
    Both items are currently in storage at Edinkillie Sport Services in Central Scotland.




  6. For Sale: Anschütz 1913 in a Grünig & Elmiger RS III Stock. I selected the 1913 from the factory in Ulm in 2008 and it has seen relatively light use over the years.


    I have swapped the original grip over onto my new rifle, so this one is brand new - size L.


    Comes complete with a Centra Action Stabliser and an 12" Uptagrafft Tuner Tube.


    New this combination would be well over £3,500 - looking for £1,500.


  7. For Sale - Walther LG300 Air Rifle


    Purchased new in 2001, upgraded by Christian Bauer to the XT regulator approx. 2006.


    Fitted with System Gemini Standard Rifle Butt Plate – the original, small version with rubber strips, excellent for Air Rifles.

    Right Handed. Fitted with Large grip, I also have a Small grip which will come with the rifle.


    Air cylinder is the heavy steel one, expires 11/19.


    Comes with the following accessories:


    TEC-HRO System 2.0 Sight Raisers

    Centra Block 8 Sight Raisers

    Centra Track Sight Raisers

    Centra 1.8 Basic Iris

    Feinwerkbau Trigger Blade


    Various optional weights included.


    Fore-end block has had some wood removed (rather roughly) from either side.


    Has seen international use over the years by Emma Cole-Hamilton, Seonaid McIntosh and Sarah Henderson after I stopped shooting it very much.


    Looking for £750 ono.


    Located in Central Scotland.




  8. British Shooting have a Noptel Sport II, with the following accessories, for sale:


    4P38 Prism for use at 50m

    4 Plastic reflectors for use at 25yards/metres

    Spare set of circular reflector tapes (useful for adding to target faces on electronic targets)

    Accessory Rail adaptor (now discontinued) - fits most (all?) standard handstop rails.


    USB connection, the barrel clamps are included and easily swapped for the rail adaptor. Manuals, 5m and 10m AR/AP targets included.


    Was purchased in early 2011, cost then over £2,000, probably a little lower now with improved exchange rate to the Euro.


    Looking for £950




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