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  1. Mac

    Gehmann 595 Rearsight

    For sale, one blue Gehmann 595 rearsight. Used by my daughter for one season only, very good condition. List price now £215, looking for £150 ono.
  2. I agree, but what do I know?
  3. Mac

    System Gemini

    Might have one - need to speak to both Mrs and Miss Mac however, one owns it, the other one has used it in the past. Will get back to you ASAP...
  4. Mac

    Anschutz 19 Series Stock Wanted

    There is no current price for the Ultra - it's been discontinued!
  5. Looking for £450. Think there might be some extra weights etc included.
  6. I'm pretty sure I know about a FWB 603 for sale - factory selected, probably in 1998? Shot less than 10,000 pellets since then... Mac
  7. Mac


    Nah. Not that much
  8. Mac

    Pelican Cases

    I investigated trying to add these to my Edinkillie catalogue a couple of years back. Trade prices in the UK were higher than retail prices in the USA... Know anyone going to the States in the next few weeks?
  9. Mac

    .22 Lh Target Rifle

    I'm also aware of a school in central Scotland looking for a left-handed rifle - something like an Anschütz 1907 would be ideal.
  10. Mac

    Trigger Shoe And Handstop

    The MEC and Gemini are nothing like each other, and the Gemini one is definitely a lot more expensive. Innes, could you explain what you mean about getting it away from your hand? If you want it clipped in further forward on the rifle then either the Gemini or MEC will do that. If you want something that is deeper then the MEC is substantially deeper than the Gemini, which has no adjustment in this plane at all. There are a couple of Anschütz models that come close, but the MEC is the deepest of the lot. Whatever you do, avoid that huge piece of black plastic c**p that Anschütz make. They all ought to be melted down!!!
  11. Mac

    1913 Butt Plate

    Does anyone have one of the old 1913 butt plates that they would like to sell me for a suitably small amount of money? I'm thinking about the one with the "armadillo" hook, not the one that Anschütz supply these days.
  12. Mac

    10000 Posts

    Funny, I've asked the same question somewhere else recently...
  13. Mac

    Left Handed .22

    The 1 lightweight rifle has a crack in the stock which is currently repaired by duck tape, and has been for a few years, so we thought it was time to get a new one. That's will be the one I've been telling you to get fixed on the insurance for years then!!! Unique is a brand, not the status! Don't go anywhere near it!!! EURC used to have some but we got rid of them 20 years ago - probably to Aberdeen!!!
  14. Mac

    Left Handed .22

    What's wrong with the two you've got?
  15. Mac

    Aberdeen University

    For student-land you would probaby be better keeping the clips in the handstops (once you get new ones) and then putting sling hooks on all the slings - makes it easier for people to swap slings and rifles.
  16. Mac

    Rifle And Boots Foe Sale

    What rifle? Did I miss something in amongst all this banter?
  17. Mac

    Rifle And Boots Foe Sale

    Not in this category you don't. You're on your own here!
  18. Mac

    Rifle And Boots Foe Sale

    And the biggest concentration of this is apparently the German fleet at the bottom of Scapa Flow!
  19. Mac

    Rifle And Boots Foe Sale

    The butt plate dates it however - from memory the 1913 came with the next generation of hook (although the later 1813 models may have had this as well), and had grooves in the barrel instead of the foresight block. I would say this was an 1813, probably made in the early 1980s. There was also a transition model between the 14 and 1813, known to some as the 1613 although I don't think that was an official model number. It's also difficult to tell in the picture what the front of the stock is like - there was a difference between the shape of the 1413 and the 1813. There should also be engraving on the barrel - if it says Match 54 then it is probably a 1413, otherwise it should say 1813 or 1913.
  20. Mac

    2013 Tube

    No, but they have a reputation for not lasting all that long... Plus, shooting in a big wind on Century isn't the same thing as putting together world class scores in a more controlled environment.
  21. Mac

    Wanted: Walther Off Set Sights

    Centra make offset sight blocks for most makes of rifles - you need to specify the exact diameter of the end of the barrel, and order them up via a Centra agent (or perhaps directly if there isn't one in Canada).
  22. Mac

    Upgrading The Forum

    Me too.
  23. Mac

    Target Changer / Holder (10m)

    Try Paul Cutts at Diverse Trading - the Haering changers are good value.
  24. Mac

    Any Use For Coaches?

    It's at Fort William. Rain isn't the issue - you need full NBC kit to keep the midges out
  25. Mac

    Any Use For Coaches?

    HPS have been selling weather writers for a couple of years now. They ususally have a stand at Bisley for both the fullbore and smallbore meetings.