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  1. had a great weekend watching Scotland beat South Africa at Murrayfield, excellent dining with Shirley in Edinburgh on Saturday and then a lazy Sunday with the extended version of the Fellowship of the Ring on Sunday.

  2. Well, that was a better day out Murrayfield! Time to eat, drink and merry in the city for a while!

  3. has a spare ticket for Scotland v South Africa on Saturday, one for the terminally optimistic!

  4. is no longer the Scottish Rifle Coach. What a blast for the last seven years, six Gold, two Silver and two Bronze medals at two Commonwealth Games. Time to focus on the GBR job! Roll on London 2012!!!

  5. Thinks the Fairmont hotel in St Andrews seems rather nice!

  6. Wooden stock P70, in reasonable condition, been used for approx six years including Gold and Silver in British Junior Women's Championship, Commonwealth Youth Games, Australian Youth Olympic Festival and Nordic Junior Champs. Comes complete as shown, includes Centra 1.8 Basic Iris, Centra Block8 and Centra Block Max. 5,000 H&N Finale Match selected at the factory included. Looking for £750 ono. In Central Scotland but can be shipped to your nearest RFD if required.
  7. had a good day out at the Cowal Highland Gathering. Well done to the Dollar Academy Pipe Band for second place in Cowal, and top in the Champion of Champions competition!

  8. and Andrew Ross are packing Edinkillie Sport Services into a van for the NSRA National Meeting!

  9. Mac

    Canon Eos 300D For Sale

    I have a Canon EOS 300D digital SLR surplus to requirements. Bought in March 2005 (in Melbourne), probably taken about 19,000 pics with it. Comes with a 4GB SanDisk Ultra II Compact Flash card and the standard EF-S 18-55mm kit lens. I also have the optional BG-E1 battery grip, and two EF zoom lenses available: 28-90mm 90-300mm both bought at the same time It's a little dated now compared to the current models of digital SLRs, but will still take great pics. I replaced it with a 450D perhaps 18 months ago. Sensible offers considered...
  10. Mac

    New Site Logo

    Eh, more like an adapted version of his company logo! Maybe I should do a medal-type version, with an S instead of an E? Hi Mac, saved you the bother! Very good :-)
  11. Mac

    New Site Logo

    Eh, more like an adapted version of his company logo! Maybe I should do a medal-type version, with an S instead of an E?
  12. Mac

    Centra Mirror

    Unlikely, these mirrors screw onto a Centra iris in place of an existing ring on the unit - the ring can alternatively be replaced with coloured versions. Centra make another product, the Mirror 'Stranger', which might well fit on your Walther unit.
  13. Mac

    Wanted: Variable Forsight Iris M22

    Not to be thick, but what would you suggest? I'm in the same boat and would appreciate some advice. Jason You have to experiment I'm afraid. Some people shoot best with thick foresight rings, others better with thinner, and unless you try the options you are unlikely to find out. I'm on a 1.0 width High-End element at the end of a long tube, so it's really thin. Anything thicker than that and I struggle. On the other hand Cliff Ogle has always used the thickest elements he can get his hands on, and for a long time he used two metal elements together to make the ring even thicker...
  14. Mac

    Wanted: Variable Forsight Iris M22

    Oh, you have to be so fussy about this! It's pretty well just as important as the diameter, and with a variable iris you will only have a choice of very thick or very, very thick!
  15. Mac

    ** Brand New Htc Touch Diamond Phone **

    Give it to your underpaid coach?
  16. Mac

    Multi-day Events In Calendar

    Is there any way the calendar can be modified so a start and end date can be entered, rather than having to put the event in by hand on each day?
  17. Mac

    Air Rifles Required

    One of my local clubs - Alloa & District - has an opportunity to have members of their local youth club come to try air rifle shooting on a regular basis on their new 10m range. They are looking to source some older, i.e. cheaper, air rifles to allow them to exploit this opportunity. Anyone got any old FWB 300/300S or even 600 etc they would like sell at a reasonable price? If so, Please contact Willie McAuley on william445@btinternet.com
  18. Mouche Trousers donated to Dumfries club...
  19. Having a bit of a clear out: Sauer Boots - Euro 47/UK 12 - Seen plenty of use, approx 2000 - 2007. £25 Truttmann Trousers - Seen plenty of use and abuse. Crotch cut open (for kneeling position, honest), and waist clip missing (be nice!). Approx 33" waist, 34" inside leg. Used at 2001 Commonwealth Championships (Pairs Gold Men's 3x40) and 2002 Commonwealth Games. £25. Mouche Trousers. Pretty soft now, seen plenty of use ten years ago! Approx Women's Size 12, used at 1997 Commonwealth Championships (Individual Silver 3x20) and 1998 Commonwealth Games (Pairs Bronze Medals Women's Prone & Women's 3x20). £40. May be more to follow...
  20. Mac

    Forum Time

    Looks like the forum may still be operating on BST?
  21. Monard Underwear Top - Men's Medium, Blue Trim - £15 Monard Underwear Leggings - Men's Medium, Blue Trim - £15
  22. Mac

    Fwb 700

    Hi Had someone on the phone offering me a FWB 700 alu second hand - probably take about £750 for it. We (Edinkillie) don't deal with second hand kit at all, and I don't want it personally, but if anyone is interested then PM me and I'll give you the details. Mac
  23. Mac

    Anschutz Sight Extension Tube For 1913

    I had one of Barry's tubes that fitted a 1913 without drilling for any screws - was located by grub screws down into the grooves, and then clamped underneath. Never really got to use it as Cliff Ogle went off with the front bit and I've only ever seen it since when he's shooting!