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  1. Mac

    System Gemini Ultra Stock

    Not for me, don't need a complete rifle. Thanks for the info though!
  2. Mac

    System Gemini Ultra Stock

    What does a complete setup consist of?
  3. Mac

    System Gemini Ultra Stock

    We have one, looking for a second one!
  4. I have a couple of these kicking about, old enough to be branded as an Anschütz product. One available for sale, looking for £40 ono - cheque or cash preferred. New versions here on the Edinkillie site.
  5. Mac

    Kurt Thune R/h Jacket & Glove, Size 56

    Primarily the pocket - those only appeared on the Bisley jackets. We sold a few of them as well when we first took on Thune as a brand, but I was able to order ISSF-compliant versions by then.
  6. Mac

    Kurt Thune R/h Jacket & Glove, Size 56

    That's a Bisley jacket - not ISSF compliant. It was created at the instigation of the NSRA, who seemed to think selling non-ISSF kit was a smart move at the time.
  7. is heading for Innsbruck.

  8. great to see Neil MacDonald and family today, and in Scotland!

  9. Another cold and wet day at Denwood, oh the joys of training in Scotland...

  10. Ah, Terminal 5, how do I love you? Let me count the ways... Oh well, that didn't take long!

  11. has finally made it home from Bisley. Well done to Michelle Smith, Ken Parr, Jen McIntosh & Matthew Thomson for their respective British Championship wins, and to Jen for her new Scottish and British Records :-)

  12. is home, and hopefully not going anywhere near an airport for the next wee while!!!

  13. Back to London, queues at EDI not pretty!

  14. One family gathering, two Laptops with iTunes, two iPads with the remote app driving iTunes on desktops, one AirTunes and one loud amp = total chaos!!!

  15. well that was an experience, the bizarre sights of the Mardi Gras parade in Sydney...!

  16. long journey to Oz completed successfully, managed to stay awake most of the day and now settled in hotel in Penrith for 33 nights!

  17. Well, two great weeks at home, now off to Sydney then home very briefly on 15th April via South Korea, and then a brief holiday! Back home properly in 50 days!!!

  18. Well done to Jen for winning British Junior Air Rifle today, and to Kenny Parr, Jenny Corish and Mike Bamsey for their respective titles also.

  19. all the best to everyone in the GBR team in Munich this week!

  20. After f***ing Heathrow, three days of f***ing blue screen of death on Edinkillie PC now we have a f***ing power cut that might be fixed by 9pm!

  21. Had a good week in Vierumäki and is now heading for Kuortane.

  22. is off to Finland for two weeks training in excellent winter facilities. Need one of these in Scotland!

  23. time to dig the Touareg out. I've run out of cheese!

  24. Well, over another six inches of snow last night, something like a foot lying on the road up here, even the Touareg can't get out - might have to invest in some winter tyres...