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  1. Hi Mike, Thats great, commandomac@hotmail.co.uk Many thanks Davie.
  2. Hi Mike, just found this, thanks for the message on wanted. Could I offer £35 and we will pay postage. Many thanks Davie.
  3. 52 inch chest prone jacket. We have a father and son newly join our club. We don't have any jackets this big. Can anyone help please. Many thanks.
  4. Hi Johno, Do you still have the pistol?
  5. Did you get the address, still can't work out if I sent it privately or if it's public
  6. Hi Mike, I get a bit lost in here were you replying to me about the centra. How do I PM?
  7. Hi Mike I will take the 22mm tunnel if still available. Many thanks
  8. We are in Perthshire, the trip south won't work this time as you don't have the certificate. Let me know when it comes through and I will see what we have left.
  9. We have some some BSA and Anschutz rifles with basic sights if that's any help. Most of the BSA are Martini action. I will be batch testing in Birmingham next Monday 02nd. Depending on where you are, I could drop them in. I would need to see how many we have. Off the top of my head I would say 5 or 6.
  10. How many more rounds have you put through it since you have had it. Are you not getting on with it? Davie.
  11. https://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/Anschutz-Combination-Iris-9781-35.html Sights like new. I have 3 of these for sale at £110 each. They are all a year old and in great condition. Good luck.
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