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    Turning Target Unit

    Many thanks for this "Rutland Shooter", much appreciated, all information helps.
  2. GPKX10

    10 Mtr Match Crossbow

    Good morning Kevin1, Is this crossbow still for sale?
  3. GPKX10

    Turning Target Unit

    Thank you David for answering one of my queries...I have found that ISSF though does cover "10m Five Shot Air Pistol" which is on a similar principle but the targets do not turn. They do however have a requirement to be spaced at 300mm centers perhaps (psm17h) could let me know what the spacing is on this unit? Many thanks to all for your input/assistance.
  4. GPKX10

    Turning Target Unit

    Good evening psm17h, I am interested in the HÄRING PA10 – Turning Target Unit, that you are advertising, I have a few questions if I may... 1) Do you have a photo of the control unit? 2) How much use has the unit had? 3) Is the unit damaged at all? 4) Is it a unit specifically for a 10m air pistol? 5) Do you know if there are ISSF regulations governing 10m turning target, if there is does this unit comply with them? 6) Do you know how much the units are new? 7) What size is the unit? 8) Can you shoot other distances with it? 9) Is there a backstop guard / plate for air shooting? 10) how far away can the control unit be from the turning target system? I presume it has a cable connecting them? Many thanks. Kind regards
  5. GPKX10

    Gehmann Style (Fanfold Target) Changers

    Many thanks "psm17h", much appreciated...I look forward to seeing the photo's.
  6. GPKX10

    Gehmann Style (Fanfold Target) Changers

    Good afternoon.. I am interested in your advert / items being sold; are you able to send me a photo of the units? Many thanks.