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  1. Tim, are you ever at Bisley? I'd be interested in trying it on if possible. Cheers
  2. https://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/Anschutz-Stock-Sticker-004548-898.html That what you're after?
  3. Aside from the above options I can recommend the extension tubes made by Barry Nesom, he asks for £74 including postage.
  4. I think they're M5 fine, which while not something you'll find in B&Q, they're still absolutely available for peanuts compared to the "real" ones.
  5. Anschutz aren't going to spend an enormous amount of money designing something specialised like that when they can just use a standard component that can be bought for pennies! (Unless they genuinely need to for functional reasons). The worst aspect of this is the price of the bedding screws that are listed on the various websites for £10+ when they are just standard metric hex socket cap head screws that can be bought in bulk for a couple of pence per unit.
  6. As title, ideally a canting one, foresight iris/elements not necessary Thanks, John
  7. Our club has a rather large stock of fired GGG 7.62 brass (from both 147gr and 155gr rounds) that we're looking to sell. It is currently boxed in lots of around 600 cases but could be rearranged, and we will entertain reasonable offers for it. Collection preferable, from Southampton, though other locations may be possible, including Bisley.
  8. BUMP! Still looking, any left hand sight would be considered!
  9. Looking for a left handed rearsight for one of our club rifles, basic and inexpensive would be preferable! Thanks in advance!
  10. They're nice stocks, but unfortunately somewhat out of my budget. I'll edit my main post to include it, but I'd like to keep to under £1000 if possible
  11. Hi all, I'm interested in upgrading my 1813 supermatch stock to something aluminium. Would be interested especially in the Anschutz 2213 or Precise, or the MEC Mk1. Would be happy to do a part exchange/swap for my stock if anyone is interested in that. Cheers, John EDIT: As mentioned below, I'd like to keep to a budget of about £1000
  12. I should have done this myself earlier, might have made a few quid! Yours are slightly nicer than mine though
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