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  1. Just a .22 rifle slot. Its only when you add it to your ticket do you record that its a semi auto. Well, that's how Hampshire do it, although i believe different forces may have different guidelines!
  2. Black Powder Revolver - Pietta Remington 1858 .44 Army Target Stainless Pistol with adjustable sights. Currently retailing for £540 new from HK. Bargain at £340
  3. Dom

    TIkka T3 .308 Rifle

    Tikka T3 Heavy Varmint .308 rifle in Manners T4 tactical stock. Includes a 5 round magazine, a picatinny rail, an upgraded tactical bolt handle, a steel recoil lug, Harris Bipod, and a Yukon 4-16 x 50 scope. Trigger spring has been upgraded to provide around a 2lb pull. This is a very accurate 1/2 MOA rifle or better, and has only had 770 rounds through it from new. The Tikka action is known for its accuracy and is very smooth. Will be sad to see it go, but im only selling due to it being surplus to my requirements now. Can be sold with either the Manners stock, or the GRS spotter stock as advertised elsewhere on this forum. £1500
  4. HK MP5 A5 .22 semi auto. Has 2 x 25 round magazines, a red dot sight, plus the picatinny rail. The trigger springs have also been upgraded with the genuine HK spring kit, to give a match trigger feel. This is the official Walther version, and is much better than the GSG version. They no longer make these brilliant little guns, so they are now rarer than hens teeth. £800
  5. I’m Selling as I have 2 x Grunig and Elmiger’s, so this is surplus to requirements. Will add some photo’s shortly.
  6. 6mm BR Keppeler Rifle in Anschutz 2213 stock. Stainless Border Barrel, approx 1600 rounds shot through it. £1500
  7. For sale is my Grey and Blue GRS Sporter stock. For a TIkka T3. It has also been fitted with an accessory rail underneath. £470
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