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  1. Hi is it just the compact that you have?? thanks Dom
  2. I have been looking for years and still can’t find the rite 1. I am getting desperate now as my old FWB 100 is playing up a bit. I was after a Walther or steyr but most are to far away. I have never considered a compact before? Where are you located
  3. Hi I am after a 10m pistol for competition shooting - close to Staffordshire - can any please help. thanks
  4. Sorry just seen your message - I travel the opposite direction every day to East Midlands
  5. Thanks it looks a great pistol but it’s a bit far for me to travel.
  6. Hi what size grip is it? Plus where are you located
  7. Hi what is your best price for this what size is the grip? Dom
  8. I am interested- what county are you in? Thanks Dom
  9. Hi No not yet - do you have one for sale? Dom
  10. Hi I am after a competition 10m pistol near to Staffordshire. Ideally : Steyr Evo 10 or LP10 FWB PX8 Walther Thanks
  11. Hi I am after a PCP competition pistol for 10m shooting. I have been after a used one for a while now. Are there any out there close to Staffordshire????? Thanks Dom
  12. Hi Nick it's a bit expensive for me. I am currently looking upto £1000. To be honest I will probably end up with an evo 10 later. I have been shooting pistol now for 7 months with my FWB 100 and hitting an average of 160 - 170 over 5 targets with 4 shots per target, I believe a PCP will increase my score. Thanks for getting back to me. Dom
  13. Hi Nick How much is this?? How old is the gun and where are you from. Dom
  14. Hi Is anyone selling a PCP competition 10m pistol near to staffordshire?? If so can you contact me please. Thanks Dom
  15. Wanted good condition used FWB P44 or PX8, is any one selling one near to Staffordshire.
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