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  1. Hi ,are the trousers and boots still for sale? Cheers, Gwain.
  2. Gwain

    A tall skinny shooting jacket

    Hi All, Having sorted myself, my attention turns to the better half. She had agreed that it's about time that she got a jacket. Problem is she's nearly 6 feet tall and a 36inch chest. The female cuts are out of the question, but a slim mens fit is not too far off. Anyone got anything that may suit? A new Taylor made is a little more than we want to spend at the moment. Thanks for looking, Gwain.
  3. Gwain

    Jacket and trousers

    Hi All, getting back into shooting after a few years off. After a size 50 euro (about 40 inch chest) jacket and some trousers to suit a 33 inch waist. Also if someone has a pair of size 9 boots that would be great. All things considered. Cheers, Gwain.
  4. Gwain

    Kurt Thune Shooting Jacket

    Hi , is the jacket still for sale? Cheers, Gwain.
  5. Gwain

    Anschutz 8002 Alu

    Hi Jim , did this get sold ? If not I'm interested. Cheers, Gwain.