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  1. tmiklas

    shooting glasses

    They did offer various options, but I decided to not take any filters - this is what adjustable rear iris will do for me.
  2. As far as I remember it's based on S400 model, just like MPR - if that's the case then https://www.pellpax.co.uk/airguns/accessories/gas-misc/best-fittings-female-din-male-1-8-bsp-300-bar-adapter/17520 will do the trick. I use a stirrup pump with mine, so I've added https://www.bestfittings.co.uk/shop/quick-coupler-kits-and-parts/best-fittings-quick-coupler-starter-kit-bundles/ so I can disconnect that heavy adapter for storage or transport.
  3. tmiklas

    shooting glasses

    I would do as spothunter says, but my eye test was due anyway, so... popped into local boots opticians, they knew exactly what I wanted, but said they need to order glass from specialist sport glasses manufacturer, which was like £80-90 on top of any test - I'll pass. Went to my local vision express, explained what I wanted, they did an eye test, all the adjustments for exact distance I gave them and a week later at total cost of £39.99 I picked up my monoframe with the prescription lens in it. No doubt it's not Stewards of Bisley (it's a fair trip for me to get there), but if you decide to go to your local optician, talk to them - seems depending on their preferred suppliers the prices may vary quite wildly. Will test mine tomorrow and if it doesn't work as expected, I'll be calling Simon very soon :-)
  4. tmiklas

    Forum Blocked

    I'll try to find out which data feed they use - this is the easiest way to go about that. UPDATE: Symantec classification - Forums and Messageboards, English, Hobby, English Bluecoat (now Symantec WebPulse) classification - Sports/Recreation, Newsgroups/Forums
  5. tmiklas

    Forum Security

    Thumbs up Neil for the effort to improve account security for us.
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