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  1. jon

    Wanted: Butt Plate For A 2602

    One of my team members has some full butt hook/plates for sale as he is buying new ones, probably the gemini's. 2 of them are the newest style anschutz each complete with the carrier and rods. He also has the older style anschutz hook and a Mec hook, (the one on ebay is an air rifle plate, could be used for .22 but doesnt have the hook). With your feinwerkbau you would probably not need the rods as you'd would have to keep yours and attach the anschutz hook onto the Feinwerkbau plate and rods. PM me if you interested in any, he'll probably take 100 quid or less and we can get some pictures taken as well if you want. Thanks Jon http://www.sportec.se/Bilder/feinwerkbau/2602supermatch.jpeg I find that it doesn't seem to settle in my shoulder. I used a KK200 before and the buttplate with that was great.
  2. jon

    mate, shocking photo, bald head and pink shirt....f#$

  3. jon

    Anschutz Stock

    Neil I was under the impression no personal ads were allowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    OK dad.
  5. jon

    Centra Foresight elements

    I have a variety of centra foresight elements ranging from 3.6 to 3.9 and with differing thickness of ring from about 1.1 to 1.4. These are the best!!! All are a fiver each.