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    Target rifle shooting, particularly small bore, & all aspects of it. Classic British motorcycles. Reading. Most sports.

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  1. TCS

    Anschutz Fast Clamp

    Anschutz bedding bolts can be a standard 4mm Allen head but the thread used is not standard metric pitch.
  2. TCS

    4751 Handstop

    Hi Clark XCVI, I believe there is one of the Anschutz 4751 handstops available from bits & pieces donated from a retired club member. I will be at the club on Wednesday so will check availability & if it is there I will get back to you. Please PM me if you are interested.
  3. Thanks Ian, collection from Bisley would be great! I will consult as mentioned & get back to you.
  4. Noptel 200 Sport training system complete with NEC lapptop running Windows 98 Second Edition. The system comes with reflective targets for rifle & pistol @ 5 & 10 metre distances for dry fire training, 2 x Noptel prisms for use for live firing at up to 50 metres, original briefcase etc. It has been carefully used for training for myself & many other well known shooters from around the country @ 25 yards, 10 & 50 metres. The original rechargeable batteries will no longer recharge so I use a PP3 9 volt without any problems. There is also a serial port to USB adapter tht I have used with a different laptop. The trainer & laptop are really too heavy to be sent so collection or delivery by me will be required. I am prepared to spend time with whoever buys it to demonstrate how best to use the system, this can be done by arrangement at my club in South London or at NSRA/LRC at Bisley. I want this to go to someone or a club who will use it to help further their own or club members shooting abilities. I have other photos available but can't put them on here due to the 1MB file restriction. I can send them to interested parties if required. Open to offers from forum members. I know that a price is desired whan an item is put up for sale but I don't really know what such a bundle is worth so I hope I can be forgiven in this case.
  5. Thanks Ian, I will consult with the Committee to see if they are prepared to buy these. How many are available? They look OK to me but collection from Hereford might be an issue in the short term.
  6. I have for sale the above telescopic sight with mounts. It has excellent clear optices, cross hair with dot reticle with 1/8th minute turret adjustements. I bought it to use for 25 yard bechrest shooting so as to make up a club team which was short of a member due to ill health. Those circumstances have changed so I no longer have a use for it. I live on the Southern outskirts of London & do visit Bisley fairly regularly. £85.00 ono plus P & P, 1st class signed for.
  7. My club in South London is look for 2 or 3 fully working 2nd hand electric target changers to replace the Dical (?) ones that are only just about working & likely to stop altogether in the near future. We can't justify the expense of new changers as we only have about 3 people shooting air at present. If anyone can help pleae PM me with cost & location. On the other hand if anyone knows where it is possible to get the old ones reliably (we have had bad experiences with repairs in the past) repaired that information would be gratefully received.
  8. Many 10mtr air rifle shooters, especially those who are starting out or have limited funds, buy a DIY light stand from Screwfix or a similar supplier then remove the lights & modify the stand to provide a small platform where you rest the rifle. Also the 3 legs can be rather longer than required for the weight of the lights & these can be shortened with a hacksaw so they take up less room. Compare the price of this type of stand plus a bit of work with a purpose built stand from Tec Hro, Gehmann, Kurt Thune etc & there is a considerable saving.
  9. Anyone out there have one of the above to suit Centra 22mm elements? Either red or yellow to suit up to 4.8mm elements.
  10. TCS

    Kurt Thune Jacket

    Hi, Are you able to supply the model details for his jacket? Is it a TL2 or some other model?
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