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  1. TCS

    10m rifle stand wanted

    Many 10mtr air rifle shooters, especially those who are starting out or have limited funds, buy a DIY light stand from Screwfix or a similar supplier then remove the lights & modify the stand to provide a small platform where you rest the rifle. Also the 3 legs can be rather longer than required for the weight of the lights & these can be shortened with a hacksaw so they take up less room. Compare the price of this type of stand plus a bit of work with a purpose built stand from Tec Hro, Gehmann, Kurt Thune etc & there is a considerable saving.
  2. TCS

    Centra foresight filter

    Anyone out there have one of the above to suit Centra 22mm elements? Either red or yellow to suit up to 4.8mm elements.
  3. TCS

    Kurt Thune Jacket

    Hi, Are you able to supply the model details for his jacket? Is it a TL2 or some other model?