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  1. Bump to modify for shipping to England. Thanks, MarkTrew
  2. 6/8/2021. New shipment. There are some lens available for shipment, please email me. See below for shipping to Canada, England and Australia. I have MEC 30mm Eagle Eye Change Lens and Lens Holders for sale. These are NEW, from a shipment from Germany on 6/7/2021. One Lens with Holder is $110.00USD, including USPS Postage to the USA. Currently these are +o.5 Diopter. Also I have received some +o.6 Diopter lens -- A couple of the +o.6 lens are still available as of 4/17/2021. Do not send funds until I have confirmed the lens is available. The lens is $130.oo USD including shipping to England. I ask that if you have an interest to email me. I can see the difference between a standard plastic lens and these High Quality Lens. Many that have tried the 22mm version can see the clarity difference. The below link only references the 22mm. This is being produced at my request. https://www.centra-visier.de/en/products/sights/eagle-eye/mec-eagle-eye-chance/ The lens is to be of BaK-4 Glass. First, not only is this a GLASS lens but is of a superior binocular grade glass. The lens is to have several anti-reflective coatings and provided with a lens holder that will mount in all known 30mm front sights. A sunshade is available and is an option. It is the same sunshade that fits the Centra Ultima / Goliath adjustable front sight iris. The lens will have a holder that will screw into a RightSight, Riles, Sumo, or Ross front sight. To install in a RightSight the index set screw must be removed. For shipping to Canada, England and Australia price for one lens and holder is $130.oo USD including USPS Postage. For Further information please email me at: MrkTrew@verizon.net Thanks for Looking, Mark Trew For a few comments on this lens, go to the link below: http://www.usrifleteams.com/lrforum/index.php?/topic/17897-new-centra-mec-30mm-front-lens-more-have-arrived-a-really-superior-lens/
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