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  1. rhysatkins

    Kit clear out

    I will take the Mat
  2. rhysatkins

    RPA quadlock .308 in fibre glass stock

    I have reduced the asking price to £2250. This rifle now really is a bargain.
  3. I bought the rifle second hand last year and have fired about 100 rounds with it. The barrel is still in really great condition and is a lovely smooth action to shoot. The cheekpiece has been modified to allow it come up higher (hence it is a slightly different colour. I have added to the rifle with replacing the sights. The rear sight has a centra 0.8-1.8 super ar 1 iris which has 6 colour filters. The front sight is a centra 22mm lr sight which is adjustable in single minute clicks. This also has a centra vario 2.5-5mm iris with a 1.6mm ring width. As well as a MEC handstop I am selling it as a whole with the Gehmann padded case and leather bolt protector for £2250. I am selling it due to committing to shooting smallbore. PM me for more photos
  4. rhysatkins

    .308 / 7.62 TR

    I have an RPA quadlock that I was about to list for sale.
  5. rhysatkins

    Long Shot, but anyone selling a Walther LG400

    Hi noe i have one sorted now thanks
  6. I am after an LG400, preferably an aluminium stock but open to anything. Many Thanks Rhys
  7. rhysatkins

    For Sale Feinwarkbau 800 X

    PM sent too.
  8. rhysatkins

    Wanted 3P Rifle Stand

    I am on the look out for a stand, open to anything in good condition.
  9. I am having a clear out of my old kit, it has all be used but is still in good condition, all prices include postage. AHG anschutz Match 164 Jacket Right handed size EU46 – SOLD PENDING PAYMENT The jackets has a few marks on it, it was only used for around 6 months before I got a tighter fitting one. The buttons were upgraded to metal ones and moved at the top. come with original buttons and one spare. AHG anschutz Swing Plus 342 sling – £50 This sling is in good condition the only problem is part of the excess has been cut and would online suit shooter who use a short sling. anschutz 4571 Handstop – SOLD This came off my second hand full bore rifles in good condition Unknown Fixed 18mm full bore sight with level – £30 This also came off my second hand full bore rifles. MEC Air rifle Training Book. – SOLD Hardly Been Used Any Questions feel free to ask. Pictures can be seen here. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0H7W3JHVbEkcllFMnlHbVUwRHM?usp=sharing
  10. rhysatkins

    7.62 Sportco for sale

    Hi Robin, I know somebody who might be interested in it, would you know what the weight of it is.
  11. rhysatkins

    Centra Pro57 Rear Sight

    Now Sold
  12. rhysatkins

    Centra Pro57 Rear Sight

    I could be convinced to come down to £75. But if you are thinking getting another down the line Peter message me first.
  13. rhysatkins

    Centra Pro57 Rear Sight

    No it is not a canting sight unfortunately.
  14. rhysatkins

    Centra Pro57 Rear Sight

    Price Reduced to £85 for rear sight and £50 for foresight and elements.
  15. rhysatkins

    Centra Pro57 Rear Sight

    I am selling the sights of my old rifle. Looking for £85 for the rear sight Pictures can be found here. To paid via PayPal https://www.flickr.com/photos/140751170@N03/