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  1. strachandc

    Anschutz Match 54 Target Rifle For Sale - £350

    Rifle now sold. Many thanks to all enquirers and contributors.
  2. strachandc

    Anschutz Match 54 Target Rifle For Sale - £350

    Hi Russell I will get these photos tonight when I am at the club. In the meantime I have added another four photos to the post. Regards David
  3. Having just treated myself to a brand new target rifle, I am now selling my Anschutz Match 54. Complete with Anschutz Fore and Rear Sights, Anti Glare Tube, Bipod, Handstop, Sling Attachment, Variable and Original Rear Iris, Gehmann Free Rifle 809 Buttplate, 12 Foresight Elements and hard Plano Rifle Case. Basically a complete rifle ready to go. This is a very accurate rifle giving me a 98.5 average in a recent 20 card competition. Obviously you will require the necessary Firearms Certificate/Variation. I would prefer if buyer collects as carriage and RFD fees can be high. Buyer would have to cover these costs if required. More photos available upon request. Located in central Scotland.