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  1. jarv

    Anschutz Sling Swivel Wanted

    All sorted thanks Rhys
  2. jarv

    Anschutz Sling Swivel Wanted

    Hi Does anyone have a surplus sling attatchment swivel, the handstop is part number 4751 (I think). The swivel has the ball type end, hope someone can help. Regards Mike
  3. Hi Is this a left handed gun Mike
  4. jarv

    Fwb 2700 Free Rifle For Sale

    Never mind, hope your health improves soon and shooting again. Cheers Mike
  5. jarv

    Fwb 2700 Free Rifle For Sale

    Hi Sorry miss read your post, is the gun left handed? If not there is no need to send any pics, also cancelled the pm i was going to send Regards Mike
  6. jarv

    Fwb 2700 Free Rifle For Sale

    Hi Am interested. Sent you a PM
  7. Just had the "nod" from the fire arms officer after my home inspection, that my FAC should be with me in about 3 weeks. I'm looking for an Allumium stock .22 prone target rifle. Not fussed as to the make, FWD, Walther, Anshutz, Hope to hear from you. Regards Mike.
  8. jarv

    L/h 1913 In 1918 Precise Stock

    HI Very interested, I've sent you a PM. Regards Mike