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  1. Perfect! I have sent you a Pm
  2. Thank you Gary, I would be interested! Tom
  3. Hi, Sadly not quite the right model! Thank you very much for the offer though! Thanks Tom
  4. Hi atravis, Thank you very much for your kind offer but i am after the one above your post! Tom
  5. Hiya, i think i would have the same problem with it being so narrow. So going to pass! But that you very much for the offer.
  6. As above. Looking for one of the newer style ones.
  7. As the title suggests. Asking £70 but open to sensible offers.
  8. Both Have been sold pending payment
  9. I don't think so I believe the at the 1813 barrels have a narrower dove tail. So i don't think they will fit.
  10. Both in good condition, Both fit an Anschutz sight base Blue Centra Score Tunnel with a 4.1/ 1.4 High End Insert _____________________ £45+P&P Centra Score Crystal Tunnel with 4.2/ 1.2 High End Insert Crystal Insert _______ £55+P&P
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