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  1. Thomas Diggle

    Kurt Thune Solid Glove

    Used a handful of times and still in great condition other than a couple of superficial marks. Still is very rigid. Size Medium Asking £50 + p&p or collection at a competition
  2. Thomas Diggle

    Sling, System Gemini ACTIV Flex

    Sling was bought from new, have had it for 4 years. Couple of pen marks on it other wise is very good condition and still at original length. PM me for more pictures and details. Asking £75 +p&p or collection at a competition.
  3. Thomas Diggle

    Anschutz 2018 Sold

    Still for sale.
  4. Thomas Diggle

    Anschutz 2018 Sold

    Price drop £2250
  5. Thomas Diggle

    Anschutz 2018 Sold

    Pm replied
  6. Thomas Diggle

    Anschutz 2018 Sold

    Now considering ONO.
  7. Thomas Diggle

    Anschutz 2018 Sold

    Bought my rifle in 2014. It has been rebarrel by Anschutz earlier this year and has had less than 1000 rounds through the barrel. It has also been sent to Eley to be batch tested, PM me for these results. Comes with Anschutz Butplate and Anschutz Cheekpiece(this has been sawn off at the end). There are a few cosmetic scratches on the stock otherwise it is in very good condition. Please PM for more picture as I can not upload anymore. Asking £2600 for this rifle. Selling it because a new rifle is on its way.
  8. Thomas Diggle

    For Sale Feinwarkbau 800 X

    Pm sent
  9. Thomas Diggle

    Shooting Glasses

    PM sent
  10. Thomas Diggle

    Shooting Mat

    PM sent
  11. Thomas Diggle

    Centra Pro57 Rear Sight

    pm sent
  12. Thomas Diggle

    Scatt Mx-02 For Sale

    pm sent
  13. Thomas Diggle

    Accessory Sale Updated Scope, Glasses + More Added

    Sauer jersey small still available ?
  14. air rifle still for sale ?
  15. Thomas Diggle

    For Sale: Fwb700

    is it still for sale ?