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  1. Great condition. A lens included which may or may not suit you but it’s free 😉 £65 posted. PayPal gift or add 4% for protection.
  2. He passed it on to a Lawrence in London who reckons I could collect ... Now a new member paulmarch has offered me one from Andrew in Cornwall ... strange
  3. I had the same about my pistol wanted ad. I sent an email hoping he’d meet me halfway 😂 somehow I think not !
  4. Must be excellent or mint condition. Please message with pics and details
  5. That’s probably a good idea 😉
  6. I didn’t know you could put a business address on your driving license either !
  7. Size small to fit LP1,LP2 and LP10. Excellent condition. £75 posted U.K. only. https://i.postimg.cc/Jh8zFX3d/FAAB9-DDE-7-FCF-4-A76-BB2-A-2-A48-D68-F81-B5.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/pLzdkCjF/57-F5-C9-B3-9-FE8-489-D-B9-CA-C4-D8-A06730-E6.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/65D3dg8K/0-D5-D8-F2-A-E105-470-E-B4-CD-AF9-FC03-B92-E2.jpg
  8. mikehill

    Steyr LP10

    Bought this from Steve and just as described, great deal and thanks for meeting halfway pal 😀
  9. Can be a Steyr, Ciro or Rink I don’t mind as long as it’s in great condition
  10. Yes I’d like details of that too please
  11. mikehill

    Steyr LP10

    Oh wow ! Sulks ... lol
  12. mikehill

    Steyr LP10

    Oh I don’t shoot proper comps so that’s not an issue, more wondering about the date the gun was made;-) I’m pondering over the distance ...
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