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    Centra block speed front and rear

    PM on it's way.
  2. acormack

    Anschutz 19 series action & Border barrel for sale

    Still for sale?
  3. acormack

    Complete setup for sale Anschutz 2007/2013 .22RF

    PM sent Donald.
  4. acormack

    Anschutz 1813 - Sold.

    PM sent.
  5. acormack

    Anschutz 1813 - Sold.

    Evening everyone I have bought another rifle and don't really need two so I'm testing the water to see if anyone might be interested in my immaculate Anschutz 1813. I started off shooting smallbore with this rifle two years ago and have shot 3000 rounds through it but the previous round count was unknown when I asked the gun shop shop I bought it from (Macleods of Tain). Going by it's condition I don't think it was overly used. I'm still learning the ropes but I shot a 95 with it tonight and I'm sure a good shooter would shoot possibles with it. It has a lovely wooden felt lined case that I suspect a cabinet maker or skilled joiner has made and I haven't seen another like it, it too is in really good condition and I know the previous owner must have cherished this gun. I have various sights if someone wanted a different sight (Anschutz 6805 & Iris, Anschutz 7002 & Iris, Centra Pro 057 & Iris and also various 18mm & 22m foresights. I have a palm rest that I would also sell if someone wanted to shoot 3P. If anyone want's more pictures and would like to discuss any configuration then drop me a line, I'm looking for £550 for the rifle as is. Thanks for looking and if any questions please get in touch. Cheers, Alan
  6. acormack

    Anschutz 1813 - Sold.

    Rifle now sold.
  7. acormack

    Anschutz 1813 - Sold.

    Yes, will do.
  8. acormack

    Anschutz 1813 - Sold.

    Hi Mark I'm up in John o' Groats right at the top of the country, someone else now has first refusal on the rifle - been out all day and only just getting online just now. Thanks Alan
  9. acormack

    Anschutz 1813 - Sold.

    Not getting much interest so price reduced to £550.
  10. acormack

    Kit Clear Out

    Hi Squishy Can you please send me some pics of the dry fire pin if will it do an 1813/1913. Cheers Alan
  11. acormack

    Kit Clear Out

    Hi Squishy, PM sent regarding Gehmann M22 tunnel. Cheers Alan
  12. acormack

    22mm High end elements various sizes

    PM on it's way. Cheers Alan
  13. acormack

    Anschutz 4403 bore guide.

    Evening everyone I have a brand new unused Anschutz 4403 bore guide that was bought along with some other kit that I have no use for. I believe it's for Match - Lg match air rifle barrels, if anyone needs one drop me a message and we can sort something out - if it's for a rifle club they can have it for free. Cheers Alan
  14. acormack

    Butt hook assembly for an 1813 stock.

    Hi Noee Just noticed your reply, will send you a pm shortly. Cheers Alan
  15. Evening everyone I'm looking for a butt hook assembly for a supermatch stock that I'm refurbishing for my 1813, anyone got parts or a complete one? Drop me a line if you have anything suitable and I'll get back in touch as soon as I can. Thanks Alan
  16. acormack

    Butt hook assembly for an 1813 stock.

    Thanks Tim, will keep that in mind.
  17. acormack

    Anschutz Supermatch 1913 - SOLD

    Nice gun, will make someone an excellent Christmas present
  18. acormack

    Stock for an 1807.

    Morning all I'm looking for a stock for an anschutz 1807, anyone got anything going spare? Either a prone or benchrest stock would be fine, drop me a message if you have anything suitable. Thanks Alan
  19. acormack

    Anschütz 1807 Action with Barrel

    Hi Jack, Message sent. Regards Alan
  20. acormack

    Anschutz 4760 butt hook adjustment disc.

    Will do
  21. Evening everyone I'm looking for an adjustment disc for a 4760 butt hook, I have a part no 4760-12 and the part number on the exploded parts diagram is 82/4 but I'm struggling to find anything online. Anyone got a spare they would be willing to part with? I have attached the parts list so you can have a look to see the part itself, it's basically the nut that screws the butt hook in / out. If anyone knows a dealer where I can enquire would be great, I sent an email to RUAG but got an out of office reply until the 22nd so will see what they come back with.Otherwise looks like I'll be making one... Thanks Alan ET_1910_1992-10-01_DE (1).pdf
  22. acormack

    Anschutz Supermatch Stock And Hook For Sale

    There are a couple of ways to make pics smaller, will describe both below: A way to make pics into small JPEG's is: Open the picture you want to make smaller Along to tool bar on the top of the photo there is file, print, email, burn, open - click on open and a drop down menu appears, scroll down and click on 'Microsoft Office 2010' Along the tool bar in Microsoft Office 2010 click 'Picture' Along the tool bar there is File, Edit, View, Picture, Tools, Help - click on Picture and a drop down menu appears, scroll down and click on 'Compress Pictures' A large drop down menu appears down along the right hand side of the photo, with four options - Don't compress, Documents, Web Pages, E-mail messages - click on the Web Pages option In that same right hand drop down column, click OK at the bottom of the column. Click 'Save' on the tool bar along the top otherwise it won't save as a JPEG. The photo should automatically be saved as a JPEG. The second option is to right click and 'Send to mail recipient', this will attach small photos to emails and you can send to whoever or save it in drafts and / or copy the photos to your desktop. Myself I would use the second option as it's easier and the photos are larger with a bit more detail, heck it took a while to type that, takes all of 15 seconds to do either on the computer once you know how to! Cheers Alan
  23. acormack

    Gehmann Wooden Ammo Box

    Ammo box received, as described and many thanks.
  24. acormack

    Gehmann Wooden Ammo Box

    If it's the 710 I'll have it please, will send you a pm. Cheers Alan