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  1. Is this a right hand or left hand sling??
  2. Thought these would have been snapped up, cheapest ready to go target rifle I've ever seen...
  3. Hi Jess, sorry it has been sold to a rifle club already.
  4. Provisionally sold.
  5. I'm selling a Match 54 that I bought for my son but he prefers his 1907 so need to let this go as it's gathering dust and unused. It's an early Match 54 that I had appraised by Ross Haygarth at C.H. Haygarths and Sons when I bought it and he said it was in very good condition and that all the modifications had been done to a high standard, the only thing that he said he would do is re-blue the barrel as it's still the original bluing and showing wear in places with a couple of surface marks. The modifications that had been done were it was glass bedded and that an Armadillo butt hook had been fitted, the stock had been refinished and oiled and it's in really nice condition. The rear sight sits on a 4mm raiser block and the fore sight has a level bubble. I'm looking for £250 for the rifle plus RFD fees, I do travel up and down to Aberdeen a lot so could arrange drop off / collection on those routes if need be.
  6. Hi Mark I'm up in John o' Groats right at the top of the country, someone else now has first refusal on the rifle - been out all day and only just getting online just now. Thanks Alan
  7. Not getting much interest so price reduced to £550.
  8. acormack

    Kit Clear Out

    Hi Squishy Can you please send me some pics of the dry fire pin if will it do an 1813/1913. Cheers Alan
  9. Evening everyone I have bought another rifle and don't really need two so I'm testing the water to see if anyone might be interested in my immaculate Anschutz 1813. I started off shooting smallbore with this rifle two years ago and have shot 3000 rounds through it but the previous round count was unknown when I asked the gun shop shop I bought it from (Macleods of Tain). Going by it's condition I don't think it was overly used. I'm still learning the ropes but I shot a 95 with it tonight and I'm sure a good shooter would shoot possibles with it. It has a lovely wooden felt lined case that I suspect a cabinet maker or skilled joiner has made and I haven't seen another like it, it too is in really good condition and I know the previous owner must have cherished this gun. I have various sights if someone wanted a different sight (Anschutz 6805 & Iris, Anschutz 7002 & Iris, Centra Pro 057 & Iris and also various 18mm & 22m foresights. I have a palm rest that I would also sell if someone wanted to shoot 3P. If anyone want's more pictures and would like to discuss any configuration then drop me a line, I'm looking for £550 for the rifle as is. Thanks for looking and if any questions please get in touch. Cheers, Alan
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