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  1. Paypal or bank transfer, which ever you prefer


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    2. acormack


      Hi Colin, 

      Sorry for the delay but was bedded with migraine yesterday and only just getting back online, just got the transfer done just now so £33 transferred to your account.

      My details are:

      Alan Cormack

      St Ronans, Canisbay, Wick, Caithness, KW1 4YD.

      Many thanks Alan.

    3. Coiln


      Thanks Alan

      I get those, although thankfully not bad enough to incapacitate me yet, horrible when your vision goes and the flashing coloured lights start

      I'll get it posted tomorrow and send the posting number,signed for RM.It's a too big a box for what it is but was the smallest I had

      All the best


    4. Coiln


      Hi Alan

      Posted RM signed for KB765803779GB

      All the best


  2. Hi Rossi, just sent a PM. Cheers Alan
  3. Hi Colin, I'll take this if still available, just send me a message regarding how you want payment. Cheers Alan
  4. Have a bump on me, if it's as good as your T4 it will be a cracker. If I had a slot for a semi auto I would have it for my son! 🙂
  5. Anyone got any mounts going spare for fitting a scope to a Parker Hale T4? If anybody has mounts or parts they are wanting to sell on then give me a shout. Cheers Alan
  6. Hi Steve There's a used Anschutz AS-300 bench rest stock to suit match 54 round actions on Guntrader for £400, have a look in equipment / rifle parts / stocks. It's minus the butt hook but it's £1150 for a new one online so a bit of a bargain in my eyes as it has the precise cheek piece and adjustment on the butt hook (when fitted). Cheers Alan
  7. What height raiser blocks you looking for Ramos? Will have a look as I might have some kicking about. Cheers Alan
  8. Bump for the last remaining items. 1. Anschutz AHG330 constant leather sling - very good condition £25 + P&P. 2. ESE leather sling - very good condition £20 + P&P. Provisionally sold 3. Laserware fingerless glove L.H. Large - good condition plus another glove the same with small tear at side - £7.50 + P&P. Provisionally sold 4. Anschutz small hand stop - very good condition - £10 + P&P. 5. Anschutz polarisation filter & light filter plus another bit (no idea what it's for) to suit an Anschutz iris, in box - part no, 6775 - 6781 - £10 + P&P anyone??
  9. Cheers Gordie, will see you when I get back - you at the club on Monday?
  10. Hi Adrian, if anything changes I'll let you know. Regards Alan
  11. Will send PM shortly Raven, will then send an email after. Thanks Alan
  12. Due to an upgrade I'm selling my Anschutz 1813 complete with accessories, it includes a Barry Nesom tube at 220mm long, sights, hand stop and glove and sling. The stock is a later 1913 laminated stock and is the only one I've seen like this, I read that there were blue & red laminate stocks of this type released in small numbers. The rifle and stock are in very good condition and the rifle itself is from 1986 going by the letter stamps. In total there are about 25 different elements for the foresight, It has a 18mm Centra foresight complete with level bubble and the rear sight is an Anschutz 6705. There is a heavy duty aluminium case with the rifle which is also in very good condition. I've had the rifle for three years and have only shot in a winter league and have put a maximum of 2500 rounds through it in that time, I do not know the round count prior to that. I want £550 for the rifle and can arrange an RFD transfer, they usually charge £50 for a transfer. If you want more photos send me a pm with your email address etc. Regards Alan
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