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  1. Since the new-look upgrade to stirton, I have a mug shot of somebody else showing up claiming to be me.

    I guess I can now go around insulting everybody - since nobody will take a swing at me!


    Hi Jon,


    Where about, or have you removed it?

  2. Great :)


    I should have said but for current members, you can simply 'associate' your forum account with your Facebook account so that you don't lose any settings such as your post count, previous threads you've contributed etc.


    If you are a new member who is registering you can simply use your existing/new Facebook account without having to associate with an existing Stirton.com account.

  3. Hi folks,


    If you use Facebook at all, then you should now be able to user your FB account to log in to the forum, thus having one less username and password combo to remember.


    1) Go to the login screen and the first time you try and log in with Facebook, a pop-up window should appear and you can enter your details.

    2) You will then be asked to link your FB account with your existing Stirton.com account.


    That should be it.


    Any problems, let me know.




  4. I've just done a major upgrade from v2.3 to v3.0 which you will hopefully like.

    There are a few issues with the gallery which I am aware of and will see if it is possible to fix the broken links, so please bear with me.


    Any other 'issues' that you feel are 'bugs' and not simply new features, then please let me know.


    Many thanks


  5. Hi Nell,


    Since you're not far, you might want to head to Logie Steading, Forres this week to the NSRA Scottish Meeting and you could put a wanted ad there and there will be suppliers there too.


    I've only got a right-handed pair of male trousers I'm afraid.

  6. The reason there's a limit on photo sizes is to reduce bandwidth and page load time for users on poorer links. If I let people upload 2-3Mb files it would be ridiculous.


    There are many programs out there, even free utilities that will allow you to reduce photos to say 800x600 (or less) and the size should even be less than 100Kb

  7. Folks,


    I've enabled further compression on the server ... (this site was already fairly well compressed)


    What does this mean?

    1) If your web browser support gzip, then all the pages are 'zipped', sent to your web browser and then 'unzipped'

    2) This means less data needs to be sent over the Internet for every page you click on


    Be interested to see whether you notice any difference in speed at all, or even if you get any weird side effects.




  8. Hi everyone,


    I know that some of you have registered more than once using different email addresses because you were unaware that your 'original' account could simply be updated with your new email address.


    If this rings true with you, then please either email: forum-admin@stirton.com OR PM me telling me:

    1) Old username OR old email address

    2) New username OR old email address

    3) Which forum account you wish to keep, the old or the new - either way, the email address will get updated to your active email address



    Your help in keeping the forum tidy is much appreciated.




  9. Hi Paul,


    Strange ... not sure what's going on there - being the techie, you could check on HTTPWatch and sent me the output requests to see whether the problem is.

    Or even run Wireshark and grab the net traffic.


    For most, the above will be gobldy gook mind ;)

  10. What type of connection have you got to the 'net?


    I've seen this when using my mobile as a modem with the laptop due to the way the traffic is going through Orange.


    You are probably behind a proxy server which can cause problems due to header striping ...


    If you can get the same machine connected to the Internet directly then I would hazard a guess that it would work.


    You haven't installed Zonealarm or other any other software firewall/malware products have you?