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  1. Rob, you need to download the app via iTunes on to your iPhone i.e. install the app.


    Once installed, you supply your forum login details and then you can browse the forum via your phone, hopefully in a friendly fashion :)

  2. Rob, just because they haven't been online doesn't mean that they don't have a 'watch topic' setup to email them if someone replies or set the notification in the profile to receive an email upon a PM ;)

  3. Ok, for some reason under your settings, private messaging was disabled.


    I've re-enabled it but for others benefit you can find the setting here should you notice your PMs are not working:


  4. That's entirely up to yourself David, hence why it's an option but there are many users on here who do use Facebook as a medium of communication and the option is there for them should they wish to use it :)

  5. Folks, with the latest version of the Forum we have a new and improved method of connecting to Facebook (behind the scenes)


    Can I urge everybody that is on the forum AND that uses Facebook to link their account, then you will be able to post links on Facebook from forum posts etc, letting other Facebook members that are also members on here see the topic.


    In order to link your existing forum account with your Facebook account you can do the following:


    1) Go to your profile



    2) Find the Facebook Connect settings



    3) Click on the Login to Facebook button



    4) Allow Facebook access as necessary





    5) Then back in the forum settings, you can setup if you want your Facebook picture to be your profile and/or avatar photos, along with synchronising your forum status with that of your FB account.ipb7.pngEnjoy :)

  6. Hi folks,


    I should have mentioned earlier but been rather busy ... from midnight TONIGHT until 6am Sunday morning there will be a window of approx 3 hours where the server will be powered down, packed up and moved to a brand new, state of the art, datacentre in Hemel Hempstead.

    All going to plan, there should be minimum disruption.


    Apologies for any inconvenience but moving our equipment will allow Ikiji to expand further within a suitable environment.



    Many thanks


  7. Blip

    Sorry guys,


    Was doing a server restore for a client and inadvertently knocked the forum out for a little while there .. sorry about that.


    Apologies for the inconvenience as I know how much you all love your bedtime read :)

  8. I did the 'spacer' for when I was using one cheek piece for all disciplines :-p


    It simply meant that I put the prongs lower down for prone e.g. they were set to 3.5 for prone and became 1.5 once the spacer was in


    All depends on your head position in the various disciplines

  9. Hey,


    Not sure if it would be possible but on my GE600 I had a similar problem but managed to create a spacer for the top of the prongs, between them and the bottom of the cheek piece (needed longer bolts to attach the two.

    Any scope for doing something like that?

  10. Hi guys,


    I tend not to get involved in transactions and purely provide the forum as a medium to allow shooters to communicate with one another and therefore allow them to deal with each other on agreeable terms, to both parties.


    Ian, I can appreciate your 'security concerns' regarding your bank account details but likewise I personally have purchased many goods by transferring money to a seller's bank account.

    It is entirely the prerogative of the seller AND buyer how they wish to conduct the business transaction. BOTH parties need to communicate and come to an amicable arrangement, which happens 99% of the time to be honest.


    Whilst any conditions imposed by a seller may put some buyers off, this is a decision they must take when posting the advert.


    I will amend the posting rules to state that the seller should identify acceptable forms of payment in the advert to avoid confusion up front.


    Many thanks folks and keep up the amicable trading ;)



  11. Remember folks, you may not have set the "automatic" timezone setting ticked.


    At the top right of the screen, you will see your name and a drop-down arrow.

    Click on the arrow and then "My Settings"


    Under General Settings, you should see a Timezone section and an option for "DST correction" ... tick this and save the settings.


    Hopefully, now you are posting with the 'correct time' :)