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  1. Could you possibly try again Squiff as I've upgraded to the latest version and wanted to see if that resolved it?


    I suspect it won't and that it's a permission that's not allowing you through to the page.




  2. Folks,


    Of late we've received a lot of emails from you when you've actually been trying to email some in response to a private message (PM) that they have sent you via the forum.


    The forum emails you to say you have a new message BUT you must click on the link in the email and NOT reply direct to the email if you want the recipient to receive your response :D


    Any questions, just ask.




  3. Latest update to the forum applied!


    OpenID is no longer going to be supported as a log in method, but 99% of you who don't log in to the forum direct are using Facebook or Twitter to log in so shouldn't be an issue :)


    As always, post issues in this forum please.

  4. As for a Firefox dictionary, it appears it's a CKEditor issue.

    CKEditor is what comes up whenever you reply and is not specific to the forum but used by many websites/Content Management Solutions these days.


    Simply right-click, Languages and choose your language... job done!

  5. Always one .. Spoil sport ;)


    Sorry Bill, it's not going back I'm afraid :P




    Click on "View New Content"


    Then, filter on the left hand side however you wish.


    Hover over the row you wish to read and you will see a little down arrow inside a black circle. Click on it and a preview of the posts will drop down.

    Now it tells you at the bottom of the preview exactly how many posts you have NOT read and you can "View latest unread"


    FAR better than what we had before :P


  6. I too like the new layout, much easier to see where the new posts are, and seems faster to load. Haven't tried on my phone yet so I'm wondering if that interface looks any different.




    Rob, are you an iPhone/Android/Blackberry user?

    There are some apps out there for mobiles ;)