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  1. Thanks guys, and OK I'm happy to keep things running (donations welcome - will get that setup on the site again :D )


    Working in the IT industry, I know all too well how old versions of software tend to lend themselves to the unscrupulous ones out there, giving them known (and unpatched) exploits they can target. This version of the forum went end of life in terms of support a couple of months back, and would like to keep it up-to-date and as secure as possible to limit attempts from hackers ... that's my main driver for upgrading .. security!

  2. Just like to say that the rules for advertisers seem entirely reasonable, indeed generous, to me. I have advertised only once (a target rifle) and was very grateful for the opportunity to do so.

    Hi Cumbrian,


    Thank you.


    Would be interested to hear from people about how they still use the forum, as posts primarily seem to indicated For Sale and Wanted....

  3. Hi all,


    Well over the last few years, we've all seen Facebook take the world by storm.


    I'm very conscious that there are many shooting groups on there as it's quick and easy to access.


    Looking to the memebership here to see if it's worth upgrading the forum software to a supported version (cost about £400) and whether people would be willing to contribute at all, or whether no-one is really using the forum in anger these days?


    Will look into better integration with Facebook and Twitter etc, and I know that you can use the TapaTalk app on your phone in order to load the forum in a more mobile friendly format.


    Let me know your thoughts please people!




  4. So what on earth is the point of leaving out of date ads on the board? Why not kill them as soon as the stuff is sold?????

    Personally, I do not have time AND virtually no-one tells us when they've sold something ;)

  5. Hey folks,


    Anyone interested in any memorabilia from Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games


    I see an English athlete is selling a heap of clothing .. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/Cycling-/7294/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=delhi+2010+commonwealth+games


    So I thought I'd see if anyone (doubt it, but hey you never know) fancied ... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Delhi-2010-Commonwealth-Games-clothing-incl-Team-Scotland-hat-/330810445924?pt=UK_Sports_Memorabilia_ET&hash=item4d05d6d064