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  1. Actually, from Rhode Island it's about nine hours each way :wink:   But while your there you can batch test TENEX as well as watch Bert Brookes, the Chief Range Officer, check your gun for headspace and firing pin indentation.


    It's alright Richard I was only teasing you.

    I meant that Mac would have to drive 4 hours and I am nearer 6. We

    know Bert well (thanks though).


    I think Mac was just wanting to find out where to get the headspace

    kit for himself :)

  2. Take a trip to the Eley Customer Range in Birmingham.  They have a complete set in .0005 increments from .040 to .046 inches.


    Hey Richard, I think it is a little drastic travelling 4/5 hours (at least) just

    to check out your headspace :P You going to fly over to check yours :lol:


    Come on JV, a few pints will surely do it mate :?:

  3. Hey Mairi,


    Sorry you can't store pictures on the forum (to try and keep the bandwidth

    down as it's already at about 25-30Mb a day :lol: )


    You can however do the following



    As for the FAQ, it is intended for me to post answers to questions that

    appear a lot rather than for people to post in :roll:

  4. Terms and conditions:


    1) The For Sale forum is intended for non-commercial posts.


    2) Occasional (once per 3 months) commercial posts, from active

    members, will be overlooked but I stress the active part.

    These posts must also be kept to a bare minimum - get your point/goods

    across as succinctly as possible please.


    3) Anything that does not adhere to the above or anything I, or one of the

    moderators, deem unreasonable will be removed without notice :!:


    Sorry for the stern tone of this post - just trying to keep the forum on

    track and what it is intended it for - airing shooter's personal views and

    opinions :roll:


    Happy selling :)

  5. Hi John and welcome to the forum.


    I have to point out a couple of things though:


    1) The For Sale section is intended for non-commercial adverts. I

    don't mind the odd post (and I mean "odd") as long as that person is

    active in the rest of the forum and helps answer other shooters questions.


    2) This forum is being run for free and using my bandwidth. I do not feel

    that companies should gain free advertising at my expense :) If they

    want to pay me, well that's another story :wink:


    John, please do not feel that I am specifically targetting you - this

    message applies to all members with a commercial interest in shooting :!:


    Edit: This was probably not made clear from the outset of the forum, but I

    have changed that now - click here

  6. Hey guys and gals,


    I'm away until the 8th of January (in South Korea and Thailand 8)) and

    just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New



    Until I return, Mac is acting as the administrator.


    All forum-admin@stirton.com email will go to him for this period.


    Please be patient if you register and cannot see the shooters forum for

    a while as it is the festive season and all ;)


    Have a great festive session everyone...



  7. Also, when emailing - forum-admin@stirton.com - can you also include

    which disciplines you do and where about you do them?


    Until you have done this you will not see very much on this board :)




  8. Back


    That's why.


    You are seeing a cached version because the PHP is not actually reloading

    off the server but just the local copy that's already on your hard disc.


    Either click on "Stirton.com Forum Index" or the stirton.com forums logo

    to bring you back to the front page - do not use back if you want the

    highlighting of new posts to work correctly.



  9. OK, but it has happened a couple of times and on different machines.


    Ok, I take your word for it Ken - next time it happens can you let me

    know roughly the time and which forums it does it to.




    Just a thought, do you use the back button in your browser? Or do you

    click on Index each time?

  10. No not my new hairstyle.


    During the last couple of days I've noticed the wrong thread as being highlighted as new. The front page has been OK, it has been the second page that tells me a thread has been updated, but it hasn't. When I come back out of it, the correct thread is now highlighted.


    Hi Ken,


    I've not noticed this but I shall keep my eye on it.

    It could possibly be that an older version is being cached on your



    Try forcing a refresh if it happens again - keep me informed.




  11. Should be working now.  Swines at my ISP had mapped a directory and not told me  :x  




    Yeah, yeah excuses excuses!


    Now if you want a proper job done, you know where to come :P


    And you will get fast, reliable and yet competitively priced web hosting

    that is currently knocking over a 1/3 off the response time of your

    current host 8)

  12. Hi Neil,

    I have a pair of Champion frames you can have/try/give to charity/give to worthy junior shooter. If I give them to you, you must pass them on for the same price (sod all!) when you have done with them.


    The frames have two rifle shooter lens holders and a single eye shade.

    Also included is a Knobloc pistol shooter lens holder and iris modified to work with the Champion frames (I had previously upgraded from Knobloc)


    Give me a call when you get into the UK and we can sort you getting them to you.


    Hope you are enjoying the land of the rising Yen.




    Thanks Graham, you are too kind.


    I'm entitled to stay here on my VISA until October next year but I may

    have to come back to the UK early next year for a month or so to drum

    up some more business :)


    I hope you can "reserve" them for me :)

  13. It's been over a week since the clocks changed but just about everyone

    (in the UK) still has there timezone set to GMT + 1. The UK is now back

    to GMT, so can you all please go to your profile and change your timezone



    For those of you not in the UK, can you please change your timezone to

    reflect the time difference between yourselves and the UK.


    Many thanks


    (Currently at GMT + 9 in Japan)

  14. Neil; the count of the number of messages on the home page appears to increment by three for every new message....


    ....e.g. it was 351, then 354, then 357 when only two messages were added in between. (probably 360 after this one gets in)


    Have fun - how long are you going to be in Japan?


    Hi Martin,


    Don't worry, it's not a bug - there are a few forums hosted here and

    depending on which group you belong to, you can only see your specific

    areas. So somebody in another group will have posted and you just won't see it :)


    It will just have been coincidence that the post count went up

    by 3 both times when you were watching it (if that makes sense) 8)


    I'll be in Japan until the end of August / beginning of September

    next year - ahh so much to do in the next week and a half too :)

  15. Can I ask all users to check that their timezone is correcti n order to

    reflect the true time you posted your message. At the moment,

    the United Kingdom is currently in British Summer Time (BST) which is

    the same as GMT +1.


    Many thanks


  16. I currently have a "small" tucker scope stand that is only really any good

    on flat firing points. Try using it on anything that has a bump i.e. the

    Scottish, then you have a problem.


    Does anyone have the "big brother" base or equivalent for sale?